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November 15, 2021

18 days ago

Well i got into this hobby in the summer of 2019. Got hooked on watching youtube channels about pinball like TNT and STDM etc. I found out about a local Email distro list and I joined up. I ended up fonding a meteor at a good price and that was my first pin in June 2019 within a month i was at the SFGE show and brought home a HULK LE (I'm a Marvel fanboy as you will soon see). So within a month of being in the hobby I 2 machines and I am comstantly looking for the next deal.

Over the next two year I bought and sold a Baby Pac cause the screen was bead and couldn't find anyone local to help. Once that was gone I found a Taxi for what i thought was a steal. With all the parts I have bought for it probably not really a steal... I have also realized that with a 3 year old daughter i don't have as much time as I would like to work on the machine or money to blow on that part.

Current Lineup: (As of 11/15/21)

Meteor - Players condition, Rockets are wearing off on the playfield inserts are cupped. Would be good for a hardtop(which i wish existed) or a new CPR playifled but again money and time. The left flipper i think needs at least a new coil sleeve but would probably just rebuild them in the process. Fun simple game that is usually one I play with non pinheads when they are over.

Taxi - This game had some board damage from batteries leaking when i got it. Sound section of the MPU board was damaged but i got that fixed and was able to fall in love with it before the rubber parts fell apart. This one i think I am going to do a hardtop on and replace most of the items on the playfield. I have the left ramp and plastic sets already. Will probably buy the other two ramps also. I hear the blue spinout ramp on ebay looks pretty good once installed. Another weird thing with mine is a guess the Shooter rod Barrel Spring(on the outsideof the cab) is weak so the plunger goes in too far and is now bent from the playfield hitting it. that is kind of my home field advantage on that game lol cause you have to line it up just right to make it work well.

Avengers HULK LE - This game is great, frustrating but not too complicated. Easy to understand but hard to master. This game will be perfect once I put some art blades on it so that i can install the Pinstadiums i bought for it last year.

Avengers Infinity Quest Premium - Like a said Marvel fanboy. This one i decked out. Topper, Shooter, Rod Art Blades and Armor. The only mod i have done so far is the Captain Marvel Ramp fix. diddy mods are top notch.

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