ET Phones Home

By XR_87

February 11, 2021

15 days ago

I volunteered for a Pinball 2000 project a number of years ago. I came up with the base of the solution for the system to work. It was a lot of fun. My only regret is that I wish I would have had more free time in my life during the project. I did what I could with the time I had free. There are 2 interesting things about the attached photos to this story. One is fairly obvious. The other is not as obvious. Can any P2K people pick up on it?

Martin wrote a great story about our project in called ET Phones Home. I ended up meeting Martin at PAPA a year or 2 later in passing. It was very nice to meet him!

Every kid loves pinball! Get them all playing and keep it all alive!

- CS

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