My love of billiards,and pinball

By Wvpinman

November 05, 2020

6 months ago

     I grew up next to a tavern,I used to walk by and hear all the pinball machine.god I wanted to go in there,but my mom would not let me go 8n a place like that. When I was in jr.high school,I found the game of pool. There was a gameroom just off campus,I would skip school,and sneak down there,to play pool,and pinball.

   As a young man,from 17-23,I shot pool for a living,winning around 87 tournaments,around our tri-state area. Not to mention the cash,pool sticks,etc.from 8 ball,9 ball,etc. I'm 51 years old now,and still love anything associated with a gameroom. It reminds me of the good old days,and keeps me young lol.

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