1967 Chicago Coin Bullseye Baseball... Looking for pics of adjustment label settings!

1967 Chicago Coin Bullseye Baseball... Looking for pics of adjustment label settings!

By WTB1000

December 29, 2018

25 days ago

So, I've been restoring a 67 Chicago Coin Bullseye Baseball Pin and couldn't be more pleased with the results!

I managed to rebuild the Animation Unit after hunting down a fresh MultiProducts  ?Nylon? Sheer Gear.

To my amazement MultiProducts is still in buisness, but they will not sell these gears by themselves, I called, 

so instead I canabilized a similar unit as my model number 895, 25 RPM, 30 Volt, dual shaft was nowhere to be found st the time.

As it turns out, MultiProducts Sheer gear is a pretty common 40 tooth polymer type gear they placed in nearly every model MultiProducts Motor assembly.

Success! The Animation Unit works as it should and is super cool to watch in action!

After wearing out my soldiering iron and adjusting literally every switch and fixing a couple coils the whole machine came to life and now plays out no problem.

Now I'm down to the small details. Almost all of my labels are present, dipecting what coil is what. I am missing the setting adjustment labels on the BG door. 

Its a pretty common place to loose its information as its right there where you put your hand when you open the back.  2 of the adjustment settings are missing their labels

and I cannot find a picture online that shows what these 2 labels say, so I'm guessing as to what they do.

If anybody has this machine with the BG door adjustment labels intact, I would love to see a picture of them so I can replicate the original instructions for my unit.

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