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9 months ago
My favorite System 80. An often misunderstood and underrated pin. It definitely takes some time to really learn the rules and appreciate this game. Some creative and unique shots and features. Great value if you can find one!
9 months ago
Simply the greatest early SS pin from any manufacturer...nuff said!
9 months ago
What hasn’t been said about EBD already? It’s just an all around fantastic pin!
9 months ago
The best of the Black Knight trilogy!
9 months ago
One of the greatest shooting games of all time! Biggest complaints are the six digit displays and the lack of a playfield multiplier during multiball. Art package is far from my favorite but works for the theme and era.
9 months ago
Great art package and sounds for the era. Very unique layout, the rules are fun, and the gameplay is fast. Left and right orbits are extremely tight requiring accurate shots. However, that makes those shots more satisfying...play better!
9 months ago
The first pin my wife and I bought and will always be part of the lineup. Artwork is fantastic and the bells are charming. Difficult game but not frustrating. Outlanes can be brutal but are typical of other Bally’s of that era. Right flipper backhand to collect bonus is one key to high scores as you DO NOT collect bonus on a drain!