Wottos Pinball addiction - a brief history

By Wotto

November 02, 2011

12 years ago

Hi Guys

I am located in Wollongong Australia, a regional town about 2 hours south of Sydney.

Like most of us I grew up playing a LOT of pinball in the late 70's / 80's - it dominated my youth along with the classic arcade games and some other 'interests' that were just a little illegal - LOL.

When we built a new home in 1998 I told the wife I wanted a pinball machine to go in the new home, she was fine with that and I purchased my first game , an Indiana Jones for $1000.00 Aussie Dollars !!!

As you all know, the purchase of ONE game is the start of this crazy addiction and it just went a little wild from there......I then started thinking about games from my youth and bought a TriZone ( a wreck ) for $250.00 to see if I could 'fix it up'........THAT was the start of my passion for restoring the older games.

I have since taught myself Photoshop and also enjoy re-drawing a fair bit of the old artwork for older cabinets and some playfield work as well.

Since then I have turned over approximately 30 games and currently in 2011 have 6 in my collection and 2 more due early 2012, we cant fit a lot of games in our homes here in Australia , we dont have basements.

A lot of information on my restores can be found on my site - Google Wottos Pinballs and you can spend hours there if you wish.

The pinball scene is Australia is VERY VERY good at the moment, there are 2 x Australian pinball/gaming forums and between them many members are now holding regular private meets which has seen a core group of pinheads become a batch of really good mates, parts and information is shared and the overall atmosphere of the Australian scene is terrific.

In September 2011 I was able to fulfill a dream and a mate of mine from Adelaide named Tony and I headed over to the USA for a 12 day trip to attend The Pacific Pinball Expo as well as the PHOF in Vegas - it was just such a GREAT 'pinball' holiday and we are already planning the return trip in 2013.

I have managed to build up a small collection of 6 DMD games in excellent condition and I seleceted titles that are not only the games I like but I tried to cover most design aspects, from flowy games like T3, cramped games like CFTBL to difficult and deep games like TSPP and I recently added a Junkyard for a WIDE OPEN playfield design in the mix.

In July 2012 we kick off The Southern Wizards Pinball League in Wollongong - one of the only local leagues in NSW Australia.

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12 years ago

Great story glad you were able to go to the PHOF Vegas and expo. Another pretty cool Expo that also has arcade games is California Extreme. Thanks for the site and welcome to Pinside!!!

12 years ago

Thanks Dude.

We have already been discussing that if PPE becomes a full time event instead of a weekend in Fall that we will base our 2013 trip timing so that we can attend CA Extreme as well as PHOF and the new PPE massive museum.

12 years ago

Great story, welcome to pinside

12 years ago

Maybe I'll see you guys at PPE in 2013.

12 years ago

It was great to finally meet you and Tony, Wotto! I loved your enthusiasm and hope we get to see you again!

12 years ago

I sat behind you during most of the JJP/Stern seminars at PPE.
Welcome to the Pinside!

12 years ago

yeah it's a DIY hobby - welcome to the site

12 years ago

Thanks for all the comments guys
Will let each of you know of our plans for 2013 once finalised

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