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6 months ago
Got my JP premium a month ago. What a great game! Plays fast, shots are great, rules are deep. Bolted to the floor.
9 months ago
Bought the premium last week. Decent game the theme for me is not that great. The ruleset is deep shots are good. Captain Marvel shot is extremely hard to make and causes a ton of drains. Will probably use this as trade bait in the future.
10 months ago
Just got my game today. It is a wide open playfield but numerous shots that are difficult and fun. The expression lighting is awesome. The artwork and quality are great. This is a great game I will have in my collection for a long time.
10 months ago
Played this game on location. Playfield was wide open but it was awesome. Shots were great. Had great game flow. Music was awesome. I can't wait to get my LE.
10 months ago
Recently added this game to my collection and ots great! Rules are deep shots are great. This machine does not get old. Different strategies depending on what house you want to take. Great overall game!
11 months ago
Didn't think this game was great at first. Then started to play it more and just got the LE and updated the new code. Should be in the top 10 for sure.
11 months ago
Really did not like this game. Maybe I'm just not into the theme, but it was so boring.
11 months ago
This is one of my favorite games. All the shots are great. The rule set if fun with satisfying shots. I have this on order and can't wait till this is permanently in my collection.
11 months ago
Played this the other day and was really unimpressed. Hard shots, very slow moving. Confusing rules. I'm glad I didn't add this to my collection.

****update March 19 2021*****

Been playing this game alot. Have one on order. This game is great. Great flies, shots and rules...its so cheesy its fantastic...one ifvmy favorite games can't wait to get my own.
11 months ago
I've had the for about 2 months. Music and call outs are great. The rule set is kinda confusing. I got rid of it. Not a good imo.
12 months ago
This is a really good game. Rules are deep. The toy box and elevator are pretty cool.
12 months ago
Great game. Excellent rules, game is alot of fun and doesn't get old.
1 year ago
This is my favorite pin so far!
1 year ago
Had this game for a few months and it just got so annoying. Terrible gameplay.
1 year ago
Had this game for a few months. The more I played it the more I didn't like it.
1 year ago
This is my first pin. Its been alot of fun and got me addicted to my new hobby.