Pinball Secrets

By WolfManCat

April 19, 2018

1 year ago

The ultimate plunge I thought to myself, finally going over the deep end on Pinside. I begin browsing the various topics posted on the main forums looking for some type of connection to other pinball enthusiast. My pinball hobby now gone from isolationist to all out into the open; I knew this day would eventually come. I commented on various topics that I felt compelled to comment on and eventually I came to a topic about Pinball Secrets. Not secrets like how to drop catch without bouncing the ball but just secrets around pinball in peoples lives. Some post were humerous some serious, some seriously humerous.  As I read more I wanted to post something and contribute but thought "Eh I don't really have any secrets around pinball, at least none that I would tell if had anyway".  Then later that evening I would be tinkering around in the garage and unexpectedly the midnight madness bell chimed on my GBLE.  I thought "Hell yeah, time to go to work and I did. I dropped my quarters in and just as I plunged my ball the game went dead, restarted and Midnight Madness was on!

As the silver orbs slung themselves from jack pot to jackpot I thought " I cant beat RTB's MM score!" RTB is my younger brother Ryan he was born in 86. Hes an awesome guy, really into RC Trucks, fishing, camping, offroading basically anything outdoors.  So to get him to love and appreciate my indoor hobbies means a lot to me. I realized in my drunken multiball frenzy- "You cant beat his score because you've already beat his MM score a few months ago, but you put his initials in instead of yours, just so he would always be MM champion on your GB".  And  during all this multiball madness its at this moment my eyes begin to well up and tear. I think back on how much of a dick I was to this guy growing up and how he knows it- that I feel bad for being that way to him. I know he forgives me, but often dont feel I deserve it. Thinking about those years back, I ponder about him dealing with my oppression, me not speaking up for him in high school when I should have,  roughing him up as a grade schooler and so on.

Back at GB the midnight madness is still going on strong and the PKE meter is off the chart, 3 extra balls and 80 ghost trapped later I drain my last ball.  Zedmore exclaims over the speakers that I have done an excellent job and am the new Midnight Madness champion.  Zedmore doesnt know though. He doesnt know about the night Ryan was helping me fix Zeds broken-ass ecto goggles (holo target). The night when we got finished fixing them, Ryan was around for GB pinball and the Midnight bell rung loud and proud. I said to him "Step up, its all yours buddy." When he finished his game that night he eagerly put his initials into my machine. And so it is the same for this night. For being the awesome, forgiving guy that he is, my brother RTB will always be Champion of Midnight Madness on my GB LE.  Its a secret I like to keep, along with the one about being a jerk to him growing up. So keep it to yourselves :)

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1 year ago
Fantastic story. There are layers to this story that can only be understood by pinball people. Thank you for this.
1 year ago
I recognise myself as the younger brother in this story, and if it's any consolation to you: he probably didn't suffer as much from your antics as you might think. It actually helped me in life that I had to defend myself against my brother, and I guess that's kind of how it's supposed to be with two brothers. Once he left the house we really bonded, and everything is water under the bridge.
1 year ago
Thanks for sharing, making me think about my relationship with my (younger) brother as well.
1 year ago
Great story, its all about growing up an learning from your mistakes it makes us who we are today, enjoy your pinball time with your brother. Its cool you guys have that, keep flipp'n..
12 months ago
Loved your story, I think many people can relate and brings back similar memories, very cool.
11 months ago
Great 'First person' writing. Your short story skills are as good as any I've read lately. How far are you on your novel?
11 months ago
Very cool story. Thanks for sharing. I'm the middle brother & so I can relate to both sides, feeling harassed and unwelcome at times from my older brother and feeling guilt about what a jerk I was to my younger brother. As adults we all get along well and as much as we have our own lives and interests, it's great being able to share and bond over the few things we have in common.
11 months ago
I’m a father of four boys ages 4-10. They all play great and horribly together. I have a sister that is five years older than me and we never really connected... starting to now as adults.
This story is connecting with me in a very different way. My hope as a father is that one day my little men will have great relationships despite what happens between them as kiddos.
Great writing!
11 months ago
Properly done. Well played.
11 months ago
Awesome story really enjoyed reading it.
11 months ago
Great story, I was a jerk to my younger brother too when we were kids and to this day I feel bad about it.
10 months ago
Great read, my brother was pretty mean to me too. All water under the bridge.
10 months ago
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10 months ago
Very touching story and I enjoyed every bit of it.
8 months ago
I don’t have a younger brother. But I roughed up my younger sister pretty good. I hope she’s forgiven me...
86 days ago
Awesome story.
As the youngest of four I can really appreciate you looking back and realizing the perceived errors of youth.
We were all just kids back then. Dont beat yourself up too much over it.
I used to be a dick or somewhat cruel to kids that I thought were different than me since I was at the low end of the totem pole at home .Then as an adult I ended up having a special needs child.
It really made me reflect on those days but ultimately I can see it was not karma and that I was just a misguided kid myself operating with an undeveloped brain.
I think there is a good reason the the childhood is so short compared to being an adult.
Great story that you put up here.
86 days ago
Thank you to all who have read and commented on my story.
38 days ago
Great Story!

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