Stories written by WolfManCat

Initial Rival

February 2 - Initial Rival

Just who do these people think they are coming into my home and tagging thier names all over the place? I ...

The Tournament Experience

January 28 - The Tournament Experience

The rules were being announced through the loud speaker and my mind wandered. I became fixated on a obscure thought. It was of pinball machines, ...

Pinball Secrets

April 19 - Pinball Secrets

The ultimate plunge I thought to myself, finally going over the deep end on Pinside. I begin browsing the various topics posted on ...

Fighting Sticks To Flippers- A love affair.

April 14 - Fighting Sticks To Flippers- A love affair.

I was born in 1983.  I grew up in what was once a small suburb of a city in Washington State.  My ...

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