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1 year ago
Having played this on site I a fair few times I was excited to finally get my hands on one at home.

I have to say I was hugely disappointed.
The shots just don't feel 'natural', that is the angle of entry to the shot doesn't match the trajectory of the ball meaning most shots rattle their way round, especially the left loop.
I was looking forward to experimenting with all of the combinations of the minor villains, but realistically the only strategy worth pursuing is the Hatter/Freeze combination with additional Tuts to follow. Everything else just pails into insignificance in comparison.

It was fun for a few days, but then didn't turn it on for the next 2 weeks until I was due to return it.

A shame
3 years ago
I always look forward to the latest game coming out and playing it, but having spent a whole day with the opportunity to play Munsters I just couldn't be bothered - I found it extremely shallow, boring and just uninspiring.

I'm not sure that code updates can fix the issues with the layout.

The long standup targets require little to no skill to hit.
No insert/mode award for Eddie loops.
Spot pop-up is so dark that you can't actually see whether it is raised, until you go to make a ramp shot and it bounces back at you.
The Super Jackpot collect shot often allowed the ball straight through not awarding anything, it needed a poorly hit shot or ricochet to drop in, rather than an aimed shot direct from the flipper.
Herman looks really cheap and plastic (yes I know it's made of plastic, but some kind of artwork or texturing could easily have been applied).
Without the under playfield Grandpa mode is not worth playing.
In fact the only challenge was to hit the left ramp 3 times to start Raven, by the time you've done that the Wizard mode is ready to play.

Rinse and Repeat.

Very disappointed.
3 years ago
I played the Pro and Prem as soon as they were out on site, and loved both EVERY SINGLE time I played it. So I finally bit the bullet and bought my first NIB.

The layout is genius. The top 2 flippers integrate with the rest of the playfield so well - they don't feel like an add-on just to hit a single shot. The feeds from them, if you choose not to flip, also return to the lower flippers giving you an additional option as to whether to flip or not.
The rules are so well thought out and cater for both the complete beginner or the top-level players. As you play through the game it becomes harder to progress - but the rewards are so much greater as well, so it doesn't feel like 'chopping wood', or that you're in limbo waiting to reach the next objective (GoT for example). The modes are different enough that they don't have the feeling of just being there for the sake of it.
Trooper MB is probably the best thought out MB I can think of.
There's no bash toy, no magnets, no 'gimmick'- but so what? The game plays extremely well without one.

The playfield itself is colourful and well lit, making it very easy to track the ball at all times, which is not always the case.
The animations are a significant improvement from other original animations since the introduction of the LCD screens - they really fit the theme and match to what's happening on the playfield.

The music I can take or leave, and I'm not a fan of choosing a song at the start of a ball if it has no bearing on the actual gameplay (same as Met). If you want to listen to a particular song while playing pinball play it on your phone, jukebox, iPlayer whatever - no need to use the pinball. I'd prefer it similar to song choice in AcDc, or even have it that whatever song you choose at the start of play - your score is doubled when you're in the corresponding mode?
There are much more options as to how you can set up your speakers in the menus so people can fine tune the sound experience to their liking.
There must be close to 1,000 unique callouts in the machine, and all can be heard through the sound test menu.

I can't see this being a machine I'd get bored with, as reaching the Ultimate Wizard mode is going to take some time to get to.

The fact that the Pro has service rails instead of pegs, brackets fitted to the inside corners of the cabinet, inserts aren't ghosting - shows that Stern are actually listening to the gripes people have had in the past about build quality - even if they never admitted there was a problem!

Overall a superb game and one that should be the benchmark for all future games to aspire to, or pass.

After a month or so of owning, I do have a minor niggle. It could really do with an extra switch around the back of the loop area. The reason being that to register a left orbit or right orbit the code has to assume that you've made the shot with only triggering one of the switches. This leads to shots not registering when in MB or after a ballsave - even if you made them. This is also a problem with the logic used on the left spinner (if a pop bumper has registered, it assumes that the spinner has been triggered by a ball falling backwards out of the pops, it ignores the fact that you could have made the shot with a different ball, denying you the chance to have the shot register)
When will someone come up with a spinner that can recognise from which way the ball has triggered it?
4 years ago
Simply, one of the best games ever.
Modes are fun and varied, Sim Card just about the right amount of difficulty to hit for the reward, flutter flippers are clever and well implemented, looks beautiful.
The ONLY gripe I have is the callout for CRAZY starts to get annoying very quickly (I can see this becoming the modern version of OK,OK,OK on LW3).
4 years ago
If I was ever to lose a hand or arm, this would be the machine I'd buy.
Virtually no need to ever use the left flipper.
I just don't understand the love for the machine.
5 years ago
It just goes to show how much rules go towards making a great game.
With all the additions to rules, sound, dots this is now an absolute must play game.
Obviously the layout is the same as BoP, and nothing much can be done to modernise the artwork, but there is now a significant reason for every single shot on the playfield. No more is it just a case of shoot the left ramp over and over.
There is an actual story to the shots which makes you feel like you are progressing.
Even ignoring the hardware you get with the kit, the rules alone are worth paying the price.
As for the animations it is clear to see just how much time and effort has gone into making this by far the most visually stunning game. Stern should really take a look and see how they can improve their own tired animations. (This coming from someone who has a colour DMD in their Met Prem - BoP 2.0 is better!)
8 years ago
Played this at a league meeting again yesterday.
The first time I played the machine was in poor shape and constantly needing the glass off.

This time it was running latest code and so I was optimistic. I wish I hadn't bothered. It looks pretty, but what are you meant to be shooting for? Any new game normally you would shoot for the flashing lights, on Woz the only way to know what to shoot for is to look at the display on the backbox and then figure out where that shot is on the playfield. Why not have a table plan on one of the quarters with the shot needed flashing there?
OMG don't lose the ball down the outlanes as the ball save goes on forever at least a dozen shots needed if it goes down the left outlane, a least if it goes down the right outlane you only have to hit the ramp, but while doing this you score no points. Pointless just about sums it up.

It does look very nice but the ruleset needs some serious work doing to it. I know that there are numerous upgrades on the horizon but I can only rate a machine as it stands. Will be in no rush to play it again.

As an aside we had MetLE next to WoZ and people would rather stand and watch the progress bar on MetLE uploading latest code than watch or play WoZ!

Have this machine on loan. In a home setting it becomes a little clearer as to what you are meant to be shooting, having had some guidance from the owner - will never be a favourite of mine, but it is better than my initial impression.
8 years ago
Stack, Stack and Stack again
8 years ago
I really can't think of anything bad to say about SS. It may become a bit repetitive if I owned on, but i can quite easily play a dozen or more games on the bounce when I find one in the wild.
8 years ago
Decent game, but the 13 ball multiball gets boring very fast.
8 years ago
Despite there being no pop bumpers to 'slow' the game down, I still feel this machine is a little stop and go, once you can control the ball. Shoot the skull to start mode, wait for mode to finish, shoot skull to start mode ad nauseam.
Fun to play every now and again, just doesn't have the lastability for me to have as a keeper.
8 years ago
Such a great game for its era. Fast and Furious not to mention infuriating trying to make the safe landings in multiball.
A true classic, which still holds its own with many of todays machines
8 years ago
Love DM and it was a hard choice to swap for TSPP, that's how much I like it!
Game play can get repetitive if you insist on always taking the lock from the claw award, but a little discipline really improves the game. If you can't do that yourself - simply disable the claw (as in PAPA tournaments) and you need to play a completely different strategy to get the top scores.
One of the few 'older' games where LEDs really improve the appearance.
Cannot believe it's not getting more love!
8 years ago
I have HS2, but it is a game I only play occasionally as I find it a little boring. Was a great game for its era, but is definitely starting to show its age.
8 years ago
Love playing TZ but only for a short time. I simply find it too repetitve and, dare I say it, easy to get to LITZ. Powerball is brilliant though
8 years ago
Have had my TSPP for 2 days now, having traded my DM.
Not a huge fan of The Simpsons TV show, and I only got the machine due to all of the reviews about how deep the rule set is.
I have to say I love the game and already I know that this is never leaving my collection until I achieve and complete SDMEWM, so NEVER then.
There are so many different strategies to playing the game and what to aim for, plus the stacking opportunities make it 'possible' to achieve huge scores, but you can always go one better.
To fully appreciate it however, I do think you need to read the rule set posted by various people online to understand why you're doing something. I had decided to play it without doing so and was missing out on so much. Although the casual player will still enjoy the game it's the better standard of player who can get deep into the game and start to get the various wizard modes who will get the most satisfaction.