I never knew!

By Winball_Pizard

December 04, 2011

10 years ago

I grew up in the mid 80s playing arcade games and atari 2600 but was never really exposed to pinball. I did try my luck a few times but the games were short and I never understood there were rules. Arcade games were more intuitive and a better bang for my buck. I always wanted to buy an arcade game and was recently inspired by a friends documentary film, who I'm doing a lot of the music for, about people who collect arcade machines. I went out and bought my Jr. High favorite SF2. I turned it into a mame cabinet and realized how unoriginal a lot of the arcade games were. I decided instead of collecting more arcade games I would go out and try some pinball at the local arcade. I never knew what I was missing! I loved the way each game could end totally differently and how much more rewarding a high score or making a difficult shot was compared to an arcade game. I went out and bought my first pin EATPM and I cant see myself stopping anytime soon. Its enjoyable playing them but its almost equally enjoyable fixing them and restoring them. Im so glad that I was able to find pinball and pinside!



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10 years ago

I've known very few people who could resist pin once they really started to play and realized the challanges they offer!!!! Glad to have read your story and welcome to pinside.

10 years ago

Welcome, more will follow

10 years ago

SFII I'm convinced made a lot of people forget about pinball when it came out.
Lucky for us, pinball left the light on- and made cookies! Hooray!
Welcome to the Pinside!

10 years ago

welcome aboard!

10 years ago

I'm almost always at odds if I like the restore more or the game play?
good to have you on pinside - HDC

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