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14 days ago
Super fun shooter, intuitive rules, flowy as hell... and a solid theme. The music is great for those that like the genre and a non-issue for those that don't. Its a safe theme all around. The rules are great and have the perfect amount of depth. This would be my new recommendation for first-time pinball buyers. Its not as easy as Stern's Star Trek but the shots are makeable enough while also showing you how creative playfield geometry can make an awesome pinball experience.

Premium/LE wise - I think the upper playfield is a great addition (you can ignore it if you want) and the 3D sculpts surprisingly add a lot. The "Deadpost" is a very fun trick but owners may have to dial it in a little bit to make sure its consistent.

Personally its in my all time top 5 for most fun machines regardless of where my ranking places it. I can't see how anyone won't like playing this game, at least for a while.
6 months ago
Overall a great game but I think the scoop is a not-fun shot. Something that important to the game should be a little more satisfying to hit. The ramps are great, toys are great, lighting is great, rules are great (although its very much throw everything and the kitchen sink at it). Godzilla theme is average for me but I think overall its an above-average game for sure. I don't personally find it to be #1 but I can see why a lot of people love it.
1 year ago
My favorite game. The theme is top notch for me, but that aside...it really is the full package like a lot of people say. Rules/code are tremendous and really fit the LOTR story(s). Most shots are super smooth and very satisfying. Lighting is fantastic for the theme...its not a Star Trek blinding RGB show, but a more subdued mood lighting that really fits the universe.

It has a bunch of modes, 3 main multiballs, an awesome Destroy The Ring 'wizard mode', an almost unobtainable final wizard mode, wonderful music and callouts (although the stock quality isn't great). Overall, great in the home environment!
2 years ago
Fantastic game if you like fast, flowy, great shooting adrenaline games. Rules are not deep but that actually works in its favor. Its meant to be a fast blood pumping game that has great shots and great callouts to keep you up to speed on your progress along the way. Music is great...sound effects are top notch.

You start, and immediately are working towards a goal that inevitably can lead you to one or two wizard modes. Shoots smooth and fast to help obtain each objective which is clearly laid out for you. Its the opposite of a clunky slow mode based 123 game. Do any objective in any order and try to do all of them in one ball if you can! Best example of a 1-more-game I've ever played.
2 years ago
Its like a cross between LOTR and a fast shooter. Tons to do, can flow very well, or you can pick and chose what you wanna go for. People aren't wrong when they say it kind of has it all.
5 years ago
This is my first machine and maaaaaaaaan it is fun! My end goal is own a long play machine (LOTR/TSPP/TZ) a fast/fun/accessible one, and a classic EM. Star Trek Pro EASILY takes the cake for the fast/fun/accessible slot. The rules are not too complex, but not too simple. The gameplay is fast, smooth, and fair. The lighting is phenomenal. The sound is good. The theme is great if you're a Strar Trek or Sci-FI fan.

However, the replayabilty is whats king. After each game you just want to play one more...and then another...and then another. Grade A table.

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