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By Wiggles

July 16, 2022

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31 days ago

Some of you might recognize me from my Youtube channel, Wiggles' Arcade, but in case you don't I post a lot of pinball and arcade game content on my channel, mostly countdown lists and reviews. I've pretty much loved pinball and arcades my whole life. One positive that came from my dad's alcoholism growing up was him taking me to many bars with pinball and arcade machines as a young kid. There was one place in particular that used to be in Denver, CO called No Frills Grill that we went to often. My earliest arcade and pinball memories were at this place, and I remember playing Terminator 2, Indiana Jones (1993), and Scared Stiff among several other arcades and pinball machines No Frills Grill had over the years until they closed down sometime in the early 2000s.

This essentially kickstarted my lifelong obsession with arcade and pinball machines that burns brightly to this day. Having lived in the Denver area most of my life, up until very recently, I've been very fortunate to have many, many outlets for playing pinball over the years. This allowed me to enjoy a ton of different tables and was one of the things that inspired me to create my Youtube channel. While it was great having so many venues near me to play pinball it was always a bummer not being able to own some of these incredible machines for my own personal use. 

However, several months ago I finally broke free of the Millennial renter's trap and finally was able to buy a house! I realize many pinball enthusiasts have bought machines despite living in a tiny studio apartment or their mom's basement, but due to space or money resrictions this just wasn't possible for me until now. As silly as it might sound, being able to build my very own home arcade has been one of my main motivators for making more money and figuring out a way to afford a house. And of course now that I have my own home, one of my first priorities has been to finally get my very own pinball machine, hence why I decided to join Pinside!

In truth I've been a long time lurker here as well as various other pinball websites. In terms of a central hub for pinball enthusiasts, it's impossible to beat Pinside. And honestly there is way more on this site than I had originally realized! I'm very excited to finally be a Pinside member and I look forward to contributing to the site, and hopefully picking up a few machines from other users here in the near future. 

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21 days ago

Greetings! Nice to see you here. I aspired to build by own home arcade for most of my adult life. Back in 2007 when I bought my first house (for 88K LOL), one of the first things I did was hop on Craigslist in Austin Texas and buy a Neo Geo "Big Red" 4 slot cabinet (for $350...LOL). Over the years arcade games have come and gone...We are at a point in time now that CRTs are perma-failing and it is truly sad. I have two Astro City cabs with bad CRTs and lack the skills to do an LCD swap. With the increasing difficulty of getting functional or even repairable arcade cabs, pinball has taken the opportunity to seduce me. It's a great hobby and the pin-people from my experience are top-notch, friendly, and generally very helpful.

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