Wickedquickss, a little about me

By Wickedquickss

January 27, 2012

12 years ago

Well I'm a 37 year old father of 3. Been happily married for over years, I am married to the sweetest woman in the world and I married way above my looks.....she's a babe! I am a gearhead, a pinhead, and a hotwheel collector. My earliest memory of pinball was back in 1980, my grandfather ran a little pub call the "Shively Pub". During the daytime hours my mother would bring me in and visit him, and he would give me a pocket full of quarters for a nearly new Xennon machine they had. I was only 4 so I would stand in one of those old style pub ashtrays just to see the game. My mothers best friend's dad owned a little tavern called "Franks" and they had a "Haunted House" machine...I remember it being even harder to play due to my small wingspan on that wide body. Through the years I've alway been a pinhead. I remember the first time I played HighSpeed....WOW..running the light, the becon going off...the policeman and his dispatchers diologue "Dispatch this is 504....he got away" "504................HE WHAT!"

In 94 my dad let me drive for the firsttime his 64 Corvette, all the way to the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green,KY. That was the day I fell in love with Corvette pinball....They had 5 of them that day...they was covered with sheets and Gomez and some other William employees was there, they pulled off those sheets on day 1 and BOOM I was hooked. I have a HUO Corvette machine in my small collection that is dead mint, and I love it. I also have a DirtyHarry machine, which was restore by a CPR artist,mad scientist Mike Mills. Game plays 100% and is way more fun than other give it credit for, but with that said mine is the first I ever played that worked 100%

I have several friend in the hobby, one who is a local friend with 17 A list titles, awesome guy and luckily he let's me play some games I could never afford like MM,AFM,MB,SS,CV,TOM...you get the idea.

My next quest will be to add a HS2 to my collection, I think it will accent my Corvette machine perfect, DH may leave sometime but only so I can get another Car/race themed game like BR,NF,JY since my whole game room is car themed.

Well that's a little of me, thanks for reading..KEEP ON FLIPPING!

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12 years ago

Thanks for the story!
Welcome Wickedquickss, to the finest Pinball site around!

12 years ago

Welcome to pinside!

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