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9 years ago
I own a Goldeneye and frankly I love it...you can repeat it up if you want to kill the right ramp, but it has 3 ramps, a pop up ramp. and just plenty of stuff to play with. Paul Faris artwork is superior. Desisign by Ward Pemerton...(designed machines like Fathom!) Plus it's BOND!!James Bond!. Game features the coolest ball save in pinball history, the Satelite feature is Sweet. Just a all around cool game and greatly underrated................pretty rare at 2200 units....can't really put to many downs on it. My favorite machine in my 5 machine collection. If I was you I would question others that's rating for this game is "Not so good" have you even played a working GE?
9 years ago
I finally got to plat a Transformers pro and a Transformers Autobot edirion...The pro was fast but next to the LE looked like a lame duck. I loved the LE, I loved the gimmicks, Starscream,Ironhyde playfield. Pretty good rules set, game has a high level of difficulty. It is actually the first machine I have considered for a NIB. I am also a Transformers addict due to being 8yrs old when they cam out in 1984.....so I am a little bias. Still even if you was not..it's a solid game..I love all the extras on the LE, I can actually see the value of the LE over the PRO...LE all the way
9 years ago
This machine goes hand in hand with my gearhead mentality. I like racing, and this one has plenty of a racing feel with some other extreme sports. I love the dirt bike jump, although once mastered it can get repetative. I think pins should all have pop bumpers and this one does not, kinda weird. I love the "Bonehead" barking orders at you on with shots to keep. Game suffers from extreme cab fade.....well any I seen, I think these faded in the box. Would add to my collection for the right price....good bang for your buck.
9 years ago
I was a owner of this one. I let it go due to the high price of the super sized dmd replacement, mine worked fine but I didn't want to keep up with the price on mantaining this one. Kind of a dark pin , could really benifit from LED's. I loved the shots, and the game play. Has a very good looking playfield and IMO Sega's best machine. I could care less for the ho hum cabinet are. Worth picking up at a decent price.
9 years ago
Here's another one on my wish list. I guess the uppeer playfield gimmick combo'ed with a racing theme and I'm roped right in. I love the sound of this game, I like the lower playfield, making laps and getting a pretty good flow going. The biggest thrill for me though is going for the hill, completing it and hearing the machine shout "Banzai!!!!!" really gets the pinball addrenaline going. truely a one of a kind game. IMO the best system 11 machine...sorry WW
9 years ago
not a big fan of this one. I think capcon was trying to get retro before retro was good. Is a good pool theme and would go good in you man cave with your pool table but I would much rather Sharkey's shoot out.
9 years ago
Xenon started the pinball sickness for me....way back when I was 4 years old my papaw ran a little pub here in KY. In the corner was a xenonm I hadto stand in a ashtray just to play it. This game has stood the test of time with me, back when most games was flat with just bumpers...this one has the tube shot...cool effect, some of the best artwork to date....as Mr. Bucchi says "Tigs at the ol heart strings"
9 years ago
well 504 is back trying to run down the tag "KINGPIN" Oh yeah....great game that is underated. It's the part 2 to a alltime great highspeed. Similar lay out with all the updates and a dot matrix. Super Charger is a cool toy...pretty wild if you can feed it 3 balls at once. Some of the best sound, dialogue,and ZZ Top theme song...This is going to be the next pin in my small collection...."504.....what kind of car is that?!?!?!?!"
UPDATE This IS my newest pin and I love it!
9 years ago
OK guys I gave this one a perfect 10! This is my dream game, I have a friend that has a beautiful MB in his collection and it gets all my attention. Beautiful machine....Phantom flip is just to damn neat. toys toys toys...the first time you get to the Monsters of Rock it will blow your mind. The one true piin that lives up to the hype. If I ever dropped major coin on a machine..this one would be it. I mean have you played this game! Just simply amazing
9 years ago
I love this game.....keep in mmind I am a gearhead, a Corvette guy, and I own a HUO Corvette machine. I'm a little impartial to this machine. Mad fast game, great graffixs, and can you say DRAGSTRIP!!! plus a LT5...themed on America's Sports car. Can't go wrong with this one if you are a pinhead/gearhead
9 years ago
I find this game to be way uderated. I have one that I had the intentions of flipping until I got it back from restoration. I have gotten in to this game now. The cannon rock in the wizard mode firing 4 balls in a multi shot fashion, also great use of the cannon for shots up the ramps. Can layer modes. One of the few games with "Midnight Ramapage" very cool. Mine has found a home in my small collection.