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7 days ago
AND AWAY WE GO … what an awesome pinball machine, an absolute credit to Spooky and Scott, what a ball tearer of a game, an absolute blast. It’s brutal, fast fun and can be a real bitch. OMG I love it. The game is well built has fantastic theme integration , is immersive and a real treat for anyone who is a pinball nut or a fan of the show. This one will never leave my collection …… that is for damn sure. Honestly hats off to you Scott… this game is a real credit to you…and I am a very grateful for your hard work on this one.
10 months ago
I love this table, it ticks all the boxes for me. Very attractive art package and both fun, easy and challenging all at the same time. Rolling it over and getting the 100,000 light isn’t too hard, but it is satisfying seeing the light come on, getting to 200,000 is a bit harder but achievable...however getting the thermometer to reach the top is very hard indeed, kinda like the wizard mode in a modern game. I have installed a flashing led in the backglass at the top of the experiment tube so when the thermometer gets to 100% and the light comes on it flashes.
11 months ago
After playing some fast paced , brutal pinball it is such a pleasure to relax and have a game of TOM. It plays so smooth (liked melted butter) and the flow is both meditative and satisfying. I love the extremely polite call outs which often boost your ego. All in all a very smooth, relaxing game with plenty of toys and a simply beautiful art package and sound that integrate very well and result in a 'tick all the boxes' kinda table.
1 year ago
I have owned this machine for 3 months and absolutely love it. Its deceptively simple rules are very addictive... and keep you coming back for more. The load torpedo 2 jackpot shot is particularly rewarding and is accompanied by a great light show and full stereo sound score. I doubt this game will ever leave my collection it is just pure fun on every level a very underrated game. The back glass has a cool 3D effect and is very 80's , gotta love the surprised look on the female sailors faces.
3 years ago
What a great addition to my collection. Such an underrated game. I never thought I would own a Data East table, but I am sure glad I do. Everyone who visits us loves it. The theme is fabulous and the sound track and lighting really get you going, an immersive game that keeps you coming back for more and more and more... Definitely has that 'one more game' feel. Kids love the T-rex toy and the DMD animations. The only weak side is the art package, but the game play/music and fun factor more than make up for it. Definitely a keeper for me.
4 years ago
This is a solid game that has great humour. A great game for beginners and fans of the movie. Nice feel to the playfield and a few nice rewarding shots. This game is great for parties and is a lot of fun for everyone.
4 years ago
This is one sexy table. The rules are easy to understand and once you are good at making the ball lock shot it becomes even more fun. Elvira's super sexy voice is a real treat and the dialogue make it fun for kids while still having enough sexual innuendo to bring a smile for adults...just wait til you make her have 'multiple jackpots'. Great fun for kids and grown ups.
4 years ago
My wife's favourite. This is a great table that I find very challenging. A huge plus is that women absolutely love it, which is a real added bonus. The use of magnets is fantastic and really adds to the magical feel and theme. The speech is so eloquent and the combination of male and female narration is very well done. The light show and music is also very well integrated into the theme. This game has it all...cool toys, nice dmd graphics (which really pop if you upgrade to a colour dmd) and great music. A real keeper, it took my ages to find her and I won't be letting her go for a long time.
4 years ago
Awesome game. Great animations and beautiful artwork. Destroying the first saucer is pretty easy and gives beginners confidence, however achieving 'ruler of the universe' is very difficult so the game is good for beginners and experienced players. I have upgraded the speakers in my game and it sounds fantastic...the bass is great and makes playing it a much more immersive experience.
4 years ago
This table is very underrated.

It is a great game and even my wife enjoys it! The pirate theme is awesome and visitors to my house always gravitate straight towards the black rose. Sinking a ship still gives me a thrill and the changing music as you progress through the game really adds to the atmosphere gaming experience. The graphics on the dmd could be a bit better, but outswimming the shark is fantastic. I love this pin and enjoy it as much as my AFM. Great toys and a nice flow make this a game that can be enjoyed by both beginners and pin heads alike.
5 years ago
A great pin for the whole family. Great fun ramp shots, great music that changes as your score gets higher. A game that you never get tired of playing...keeps you coming back for more. I'll never sell mine.