Pinny history

Pinny history

By wheels08

August 05, 2018

45 days ago

I bought Dirty Harry in Feb 2018. It looks great, and have since added police car and helocopter mod, blades and back, and changed to LCD screen. To do would be to powdercoat the shooter gun and replace the glass with anti-reflective glass.

In April/May 2018 I stumbled on a Spanish Eyes for $200 not working. I couldn't pass it up. It had no score motor and several wires were cut??? I sourced a motor from Holland, and fixed up the wiring. Need to paint touch up the playfield, new rubbers, posts, and wax. Also need to repair/paint the cabinet.

July 2018 got a Superman for $1000 not working. Blew off the dust, changed fuses and installed separate CMOS battery holder and it works! Need major paint on playfield, posts, etc and wax. The back box glass is great. 

Always looking for more projects if a bargain, but I've got enough to get on with.

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