Ball saved, shoot again!

Ball saved, shoot again!

By Whamtan

August 13, 2017

1 year ago

My father brought Gottlieb's Mustang home in 1982, and it was the most fascinating toy I'd ever seen. I still marvel at it to this day. Coining local machines to earn a knocker crack became a pillar of my adolescence, persisting into the 90's as I chased scores between classes. With life tumbling along and arcades being locked in shipping containers, my passion soon reeked of mothballs. In the years that followed, I would sporadically discover a battle-tested relic in the wild, but acquiring another was always just out of reach.

Skip ahead to February 12, 2017, when the Manitoba Pinball League held its inaugural event and tapped a dense vein of cherished nostalgia. Titles I’d only known in video game form, some unseen since the age of arcades, most not ever. I was awestruck, and continue to be.

It’s simply wild to play pinball again. <3

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Welcome Back!

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