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wesman has written 7 rating comments:

3 months ago
Such a fun, and great entry level game for people of all ages and skill levels.

I always want to play this, each time I see it, but at the same time a few games will definitely hold me for a few months.

Shots are easily findable, repeatable and fun!

Artwork is playful and fits the theme and era exceedingly well!
3 months ago
Audio package and sound design overall are incredible strengths for this game.

Code is developing nicely, and fits the theme very well so far. I hope, and assume it will only mature in time.

Horseshoe is fun to bounce around back and forth, and presents a really interesting design focus, along with the out shots as well.

Really excited to see this game fully develop in the coming months!
3 months ago
Very solid first effort from American Pinball, both buildwise and gamewise.

Animations are crude, but somewhat fit the game. Shots can be tight on several, but definitely a game to put time into to learn both code and shot placement.

Art package, aside from animation, is cohesive and fits the theme very well.
3 months ago
Such an amazing release that captures both the spirit of the film series, as well as pinball of that era.

I can't really comment in a negative way about the game, except that I've never owned one..!
3 months ago
I admire this game more than enjoy it. It's a Stern game I'd love to play at home for awhile, and focus on understanding the shots and code better than I do.

I wish the Rex didn't look so cheaply made as it does, and that the "Jeep" wasn't the focal point of shots for me, as the Rex ramp often falls back whenever I shoot for it.

For not having the license, but using it as a backdrop, Stern and Elwin created a high level tier game, that feels fresh and inventive, compared to the 2 prior JP games before it.
3 months ago
Wonka feels such a mixed bag for me.

The shots are smooth, accessible and repeatable. The sound design is lacking compared to prior games with David Thiel on board, there's so many overwhelming sound effects and music layered way too heavily at times. Ruleset is straightforward, but also a bit confusing on the finer points.

The game is so fun to shoot, but compared to prior JJP games, it just doesn't blend in the cohesive ways that the prior games do. Oddly, this feels like the smoothest shooting JJP.

My thoughts on the game, are about as scattered as the game itself. :)
7 months ago
This is the first time I've rated a game.

The reason why I chose this, out of the three I own or the hundreds I've played over the last few decades is as a result of the complete surprise that Jersey Jack's Pirates of the Caribbean turned out to be for me.

The first time I played it, was on a spontaneous birthday trip visit that included a swing by Jersey Jack, well close enough, back in June 2018. I was aware of the game, and at the time, it was the first time I'd seen the Hobbit and Pirates, and my eyes glowed up, down, and over the Hobbit, while paying more attention to Pirates as a result of it's current prerelease status. I walked away enjoying it visually, but in no way being jaw dropped the same way I was at initial glance as I was with the Hobbit.

Fast forward to August, and I had a chance to play it at Helicon Brewing, and things started seeming more and more positive. As the months moved forward, and buzz started to hit for the game during Fall, I still scratched my head a bit at why this was being branded "GOAT", a term which in general annoyed me, and more so specifically seemed pretty grandiose for the game I'd been playing the past few months. forward to Valentine's Day 2019, and the game I HAD been playing, was eclipsed by this new game, the game Eric, Keith, Joe and Jack Danger streamed that fateful night. Finally, the potential of Pirates came crashing into my mind with a fever pitch. The layering of multiballs, the frenzy of gameplay...for a widebody...the incredibly diverse and accessible, yet challenging array of shots, and most of all the lush sound design and visual interface at play in the back box.

This game opened up before my eyes, like none other had prior. Mind you, I still have yet to play the way these gents played that night, oh so casually, but like a fine wine, an open sky filled with constellations avast, or a symphony in full harmony, I found myself understanding to some degree, a thing only others might inevitably master.

Months later, JJP's grand Pirates has found port in my fortunate home, and in running down this scoring checklist up above, and looking at this fine game down below, I can't find much of anything lacking in it, except for the fact that it's pedigree makes it a bit of an unfortunate orphan, but oh what an orphan to adopt.

Thanks for taking the time to read not so much my analysis of the game, but more so my path of understanding and appreciating it.

Be well, and flip on my friends! :)