How i got to this pinball site, new to pins,

By wendyb

August 15, 2020

1 year ago

Hello, so my story is that I am a billiards' enthusiast. I have a billiard room and wanted to find a Billiard themed pinball to add to the room. I have not played  a lot of Pinball, but always enjoyed the games while waiting for my turn at the table in public places.  So as I am kind of obsessive about things I take an interest in, I want to learn all about the used 8 ball deluxe I purchased, as I live in a rural area of northern Calif, I will not have the luxury of having a service person come to repair the pin should anything break down. Now that I have the machine set up, I am going to do the LED light strip under the glass  as my first mod. After that is done, I will post pics of the game room, stay tuned and don't be alarmed if you see me following you here, I found this forum online and really could tell there were folks who had so much experience. I want to soak up as much of the language, and the info as I can.   Really enjoying this forum,


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11 months ago

rock on to the breakadawn

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