Jungle King

Jungle King

By WedgeheadSam

January 10, 2018

1 year ago

Interesting story on the Jungle King. My buddy Angelo and I were carpet installers in NY in the late 70's. We finished early in Queens one day and stopped at a pinball parlor near Shea Stadium. They were holding contest for high score on the Jungle King and the highest score of the week won the machine. My friend Angelo and I played and we won the unit! Ang took it home and while we were supposed to share it, it wound up being in his fathers house all this time until last year when he called and asked if I wanted the machine. I was at the house before he hung up. Machine was a bit worse for wear having sat unused for YEARS. I had her cleaned and services. Replaced bulbs, and ordered new legs to replace the rusty ones. Now she sits in the house calling to me every time I walk by.

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