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Parts - For Sale
Used, fair condition “Complete set of boards out of a Stern STARS. All 3 are in fair condition, all 3 are untested & are being sold as candidates for rebuilding/repairing. $80 for all 3 shipped.”
Julian, PA
Archived after: 70 days
Viewed: 142 times
Status: Didn't sell to Pinsider
Machine - For Sale
Mata Hari Archived
Fully shopped/refurbished “Bought another classic Stern, & I need the room for it, so Mata Hari is going on the chopping block..... New: CPR plastics Rubber kit All new drop targets/target banks rebuil...”
Julian, PA
1,200 (Firm)
Archived after: 10 days
Viewed: 411 times
Status: Not sold: Decided to keep game
Machine - For Sale
Genie Archived
Fully shopped/refurbished “Genie.... out of my collection. Pics kind of tell the story on the machine.... Plays 100% BG is 9 out of 10. Colors are great for an original glass. PF 8/10 See pics for normal ...”
Julian, PA
Archived after: 11 days
Viewed: 408 times
Status: Didn't sell to Pinsider
Machine - For Sale
Super-Flite Archived
Fully shopped/refurbished “1974 Williams Super-Flite EM. See pics.... I bought this in 2016 at Allentown show, 100% working. Since buying it, I installed new sheet of PF glass, Comet retro LED warm bulbs i...”
Julian, PA
500 (Firm)
Archived after: 6 days
Viewed: 825 times
Status: Didn't sell to Pinsider
Machine - For Sale
Space Odyssey Archived
Fully shopped/refurbished “Bought this machine at Allentown 2016.... working 100%. Since then, I installed new PF glass, new white post caps, installed Comet Retro LEDs in PF GI. New PBR Flipper rebuild kit...”
Julian, PA
950 (OBO)
Archived after: 6 days
Viewed: 409 times
Status: Didn't sell to Pinsider
Machine - For Sale
Lucky Seven Archived
As is “LUCKY SEVEN Project... Pics should tell the story.... I bought this as is as a restoration project, no idea if the displays work.... Missing MPU, rest of boards & connectors l...”
Julian, PA
Archived after: 17 days
Viewed: 200 times
Status: Not sold

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