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11 months ago
Wow has this game come a long way with 1.0 code! This is a must have and a very well theme integrated pin! you need to own this one
1 year ago
Was skeptical on this one but damn, when you start to get to know the rules this game stands out above a rather large collection. It's the only one that can drag me away from my Godzzilla !
2 years ago
This is as close to perfection as I have played since I started in pinball when I was just a little kid! I had to take away for call outs but I understand many more to come. Cabinet art is amazing but left room for something more to my taste than that of the CE. I do however love the LE so maybe not fair to deduct however have to leave some room for anyone to out do this ! We cannot stop playing this one in a 27 game collection although we will hone our skills now and again in the Fathom lol . Well done Jersey Jack!
3 years ago
Wow, did not fully appreciate until owning for a while. First game on it at TPF I knew I had to aquire one. The general lighting could be a bit better and Alice would have been much better if he just relaxed and really put more creepy effort into using his voice for call outs but then again it's alice!
6 years ago
The game is fun period. The main toy and the gamble to increase your multiball before you drain is well thought out and the scoring seems balanced and you need to know what you are doing to score well. Having said all this I really wonder how much more Stern can cheap out on the build quality. It feels like you will rip the legs of giving the machine a few good bumps. Hard to give a bad score for the game because it is a blast to play but new buyers be aware these are starting to feel really cheap.
10 years ago
No matter how many games I put up on LOTR, I just couldn't get my head around how the over all "feel" seems cheap. The deep rule set is really well done however if you have Bally and or Williams machines in your line up you will understand where I'm coming from.

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