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6 years ago
Maverick, I liked the movie and I like the game. Poker and pinball is a great tie in. The objectives of getting poker hands is clear to follow and understand, great mini game modes such as blackjack or hitting pop bumpers for a fist fight in Angels Revenge. It's a little different but it begs to be played over and over again, I can't get enough of it!
7 years ago
The art is so-so, the theming is great - but the music IMO is a bit annoying. Still a classic pin of the times, it will get the play.
7 years ago
F-14 is all about 2 things: Flow and lighting. Overall a fun game, a bit repetitive. Noisy and flashy, combined with blistering speed...newbies will get frightened off so that knocks it's rating down just a small amount. There is no better light show in this era.
7 years ago
Taxi is a players game with cheezy fun artwork. A lot to shoot for. Almost as good as Pinbot, it's like Pinbot's cousin - a real part of the 80s Williams family. Occasionally fast, always keeps me coming back for more.
7 years ago
This is THE 80's pinball...none better. Center post makes for long ball times (er..sometimes!) and tons to do. Lastability is off the charts.
7 years ago
The art package is almost the best in pinball. Properly set up this game is decievingly FAST. Once you start playing it you can't stop.
7 years ago
Unique game - I live for the collect treasure shot! A bit on the cheezy side but I like that.