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1 year ago
For any revhead this is a must have machine. It has great presence & the toys-the dragstrip & the V8 engine add a magic touch to machine. While backglass is fairly mundane pf is well designed & meets the theme very well. So glad i have this machine in my collection.
1 year ago
A very rare game & the pick of the small number of cocktail machines. Wonderful artwork on the pf & a well thought out pf layout in limited space. Always a talking point with guests this one is a keeper.
2 years ago
A great theme & the machine certainly has presence not the least that the theme is in tune with the pinball heydays. A great player & certainly a keeper for me.
3 years ago
A late GTB EM with DC power to provide fast play. Very attractive theme through backglass & playfield. Simple but enjoyable & achievable ruleset. This fairly rare 2 player is a keeper for me.
4 years ago
I just love this machine & its gameplay. As a revhead from wayback perhaps I am biaised but this game has great appeal from the cab, the bg & the playfield. It has a simple ruleset x2 but it is appealing & for me I just keep on coming back for more. If you achieve the elusive 7 numbers the pop pop pop from the knocker is electrifying.
5 years ago
I was able to play this machine at the Pinball Expo Sydney in Nov 2014. Although the machine was not in great play condition it was a pleasure to play a machine which is part of pinball history. The game rules and backglass animation are stunning but the play is very 1940s with the flippers doing little more than nudge. Not a keeper for me but everyone has to have an early EM in their collection.
5 years ago
Played Card Whix at the Pinball Expo Sydney Nov 2014. This is a typical & great Gottlieb card theme machine. Great pf layout which requires supreme flipper skills & watch the outer drains. Great visual looker and certainly a keeper.
5 years ago
I played this machine at the Pinball Expo Sydney Nov 2014. This machine to shoot for the top in particular required to be well tuned-the machine I played was unfortunately not that way. A pretty good ruleset and lots of skill and nudging required to execute those targets, An odd colour scheme and poor theme syncing of cab/pf/bg makes this a tad disappointing. But nice to play but not a keeper for me.
5 years ago
Played this machine at the Pinball Expo Sydney in Nov 2014. This machine certainly looks the part and heralds some characteristics of an SS but to me the gameplay just does not meet the image presented. True the quad flippers take some accommodating but even so I think for gameplay Gottlieb at this point were resting on their huge laurels-for sure not a keeper but fun to have the opportunity to play this low production machine.
5 years ago
I had the opportunity to play this machine at the Pinball Expo Sydney Nov 2014. I guess the game name conjures the image of greatness. Whether the machine lives up to this image is another thing. Good design & great appeal with gameplay that is interesting but in my view not a keeper. But late 70s Gottlieb EMs are an engineering masterpiece for the era.
5 years ago
I had the opportunity to play this machine at the Pinball Expo Sydney Nov 2014. I did so knowing that this is a highly rated machine but it did little for me. In fairness this was no doubt partly because the machine I played was poorly tuned and this obviously affected gameplay. I had three games but that was enough no comeback. I also thought that the backglass animation novelty was slapstick and seen once and that's it as distinct from many other game animations that are often mesmerising.
5 years ago
Finally got the opportunity to play this classic machine at the Pinball Expo Sydney Nov 2014. It certainly looks the part and captures the cult of the era. Backglass & playfield are well synchronised & serve the theme-hot women. Now if only the gameplay matched the theme we would have a winner. Whilst the machine I plaued lacked tuning there are limited shots and drains are plentiful. Not a keeper.
5 years ago
Played this rare machine at the Pinball Expo Sydney Nov 2014. It is certainly different and produced in 1979 one of the last of Gottlieb EMs. I found the machine appearance very attractive but the theme rules rather hard to follow. Not sure about the offset flippers in terms of gameplay. But as they are very scarce I would certainly like one in my collection!!
5 years ago
I played this unique machine at the Pinball Expo Sydney in Nov 2014 because I had so much about it. Ahead of its time in some ways with the zany zipper flippers and spinning wheel (not advisable to play after a few drinks) but I though fairly mediocre on general gameplay with overall appearance fairly average.
5 years ago
I was able to play this machine at the Pinball Expo in Sydney Nov 2014. Interesting add a ball which rarely saw the light of day in Australia. The theme along with the backglass & playfield graphics are quite attractive. Unfortunately game play is pretty limited although a left lower lane kickback and right lower lane gate return are a couple of features which draw one to the machine. Not a keeper but certainly an enjoyable 'one night stand'.
5 years ago
I had the opportunity to see & play this machine for the first time at the Pinball Expo Sydney Nov 2014. This is a wonderful machine notwithstanding that the theme in 2014 has significant unattraction-but that was the era then. This is a fun machine to play. A tremendous visual presence through the backglass & pf makes you want to keep on coming back. A good rule set and the elusive golden arrow make for an outstanding machine.
5 years ago
I had the opportunity to have several games on this machine at the Pinball Expo Sydney Nov 2014. This machine has good pedigree coming from the stable of El Dorado & Solar City. It is an exciting game with great dimension-drop targets, fixed targets, rollovers and great flipper consequence. Whilst a multi player the player still has the potential to maximise hits from a single ball. Playfield layout on this machine is second to none making it a real players machine.
5 years ago
I had the opportunity to play this machine at the Pinball Expo Sydney Nov 2014. It appears a simple game but it really is fun to play and I kept coming back for more. I think the overhead tracks on an EM has a lot to with its attraction. I just wish it was a single rather than two player otherwise it would be on my wishlist.
5 years ago
You either love it or hate it seems to be the go with C37-I love it. It has a great visual presence and of course is preceded by its reputation. Game play is multifaceted with the backglass animation a cool feature. This is a machine that you want to own and never sell.
5 years ago
Well so much has been written about this classic EM I wondered whether it would live up to expectations. Well it certainly does! A tremendous theme, great backglass & playfield art & a game logic which is simple to understand and challenging to follow The overall 'different layout' with low pop bumpers makes for terrific gamesmanship. When the Wizards eyes flash at game end it is the icing on the cake!!
5 years ago
Rocket Ship is the first pin I ever played so it has special meaning to me. It is also the first & only woodrail I own. This machine has tremendous presence with great visual backglass & playfield appearance. While the ole' gobble holes are the kiss of death the dual flippers contribute to great gameplay. Lighting the letters of Rocket Ship adds a special feature which helps to make this 1958 vintage game a winner.
5 years ago
A nice but albeit frustrating game. So often so close but ultimately the score falls short of the mark.
Terrific theme backed up by a glorious backglass and complementary playfield. This machine is typical of Gottlieb superiority in the EM era.
I was fortunate to pick up a delightfully original game from the US with low plays and in pristine condition. It assumes pride of place in my collection.
5 years ago
Pro Football has a great theme and a sound logic to replicate real football-scoring touchdowns through points. The centre shooter is different but because it always shoots right tends to be a tad repetitive. Nevertheless 'a different machine' and well worth a spell in ones collection.
5 years ago
My first machine. EM multiplayers are criticised for shallow rule sets. Ok but the unique range of features on Super Spin more than counteracts that assertion. Roto target, vari-target, fixed targets all in one machine. It looks good with a complementary playfield and backglass combination and plays great. This is a very underestimated machine which will not be leaving my collection anytime soon.
5 years ago
This is an EM which attracts much criticism particularly when compared to its AAB soul mate Captain Card because the drop downs do not reset during gameplay. I reckon it is a fabulous machine. Playfield & backglass look great (cabinet not so good)and whilst the play may be frustrating, because of centre drains, it is nevertheless a machine to be played and entices use to keep on coming back for more-high scores are rare-low scores are common!!