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2 years ago
I had the pleasure of repairing/restoring an OXO this year (2021) and had never played one prior to fixing this one up. I had always wanted this em and now I love playing it. The rules are simple but trying to light up three in a row of O’s or X’s is pretty tricky. There are a few things that lend to this.

The first is that the top rollovers from the plunge will light the top row of the tic tac toe grid and it’s not easy to get these the way you want. If you miss it after the plunge it’s difficult to get the ball all the way back up and nudge it onto the correct rollover. Nudging skills are a must and the orientation of the pops below the rollovers do not make it easy. Quite a challenge.

The second tricky issue is that the pops and slings will alternate selecting X or O, so if you are needing an X you have to not only hit the correct switch for the grid but also make sure the X is lit. So ball control is critical.

Lastly, it is difficult to light the lower left and right corners of the the grid because it is done by having the ball go through the left and right inlanes.

That said, this pin will help develop your nudging and flipper skills. I haven’t gotten bored with it yet and keep wanting to play it again to complete the tic tac toe. All done with a big smile on my face!
2 years ago
Rick and Morty replaced TNA in my collection and even though it was a tough decision I am completely happy with the switch. As a fan of the show, I find the pin is true to its spirit in every way. The art is taken directly from the show, so no problems there, and the same goes for the music. The light show is spectacular and is well thought out both for artistic value and helping in shot selection. Rick's callouts are hilariously berating and seldom encouraging but that's Rick being Rick and to me it makes this pinball's experience top notch. And you have to feel for Morty getting the brunt of Rick's ire. One aspect that I love about this pin is as your inability to make shots increases so does Rick's level of frustration with you (Morty). His callouts mirror his disapproval and I think this pin captures Rick's character perfectly. Having the actual voice actors doing the does callout help, but it would be nice to get some of the female actresses to do some callouts (Summer to Morty, "You've dropped sooo many balls!" would be cool).

The shaker is a must have. And don't forget the tilt warning with the Plumbus animation! True to the show, I do have the swearing all the way up but we don't have any kids around to worry about.

My pin is one of the very last ones to be produced so it came out of the box well adjusted. Every shot was makable, but of course some are just plain difficult. The right flipper shot to the garage is a bit clunky and I haven't tried adjusting the lane guide that other owners have done. Perhaps that could smooth it out, but it's still makable on my pin.

Gameplay is a load of fun! The rules are fairly simple but completing modes or actions are challenging. Shots are varied enough to keep me interested, though some modes' goals are a little vague. So much fun gathering Megaseeds and Meseeks to boost your score, especially with multiball mode and the callouts. Trying to fill up Morty's adventure card is always fun and a challenge if you try to complete the adventure with a green stamp. I wish I could see the LCD animations as I play but in pinball all your attention is on the playfield (same for any modern pin).

I don't see me moving this pin in the forseeable future.
4 years ago
Fast game with very active slings. Simple rules but fun with long ball times possible with the add a ball. Making it up the row of five roll over buttons in one shot is almost as satisfying as making a nice ramp shot.

Spell “Super” and progress up the five roll over buttons and shoot the center scoop are the main goals. To help you along the way are posts that help block the out lanes and center drain.

Due to the two rows of roll over buttons there is the potential of a ton of a chimes going off!

Getting the two red special lights to light up is a bit of a challenge. The lively slings and bumpers make the game shots a bit random, hitting the up or down post targets with a will of it’s own.

All said this is a fun game that doesn’t tax your skills but still manages to be fun and deserving of repeat plays. I agree with other posters that the art work isn’t the most appealing and is the reason for the pin’s lower rating.
4 years ago
This was the first em that I ever tried and it needed work. The back glass was flaking and had some horrific touch up attempts. The cabinet was scratched up but the art was clear and unfaded. The playfield had lots of little wear. Still the art was well executed and colorful (gotta love the hot pink!). Not sure about the Swinger theme though.

The pin had been sitting for a few years in a shed and turned on probably just a handful of times. I checked the inside and the chime unit was broken and missing the two smaller chime bars, so no sound.

So it wasn’t the best first impression.

But the game turned on and the darn thing worked (except for the chimes). Played several games and I was having a good time. Good symmetrical layout with flow and some neat little touches like the up/down post to prevent drains down the middle and a kicker in the left out lane. Not sure what the Swinger reel does. Loved the rollover buttons. It was fun enough for me considering adding one to my collection one day. Simple em fun.
4 years ago
I love the theme and this pin delivers all the campiness and gore of the the TV series. Artwork is a nice cross between the show and the original EC comics, ala artist Graham Ingels. Shots are fun and challenging with the shaker adding a lot to the creepy atmosphere. Cool wire ramps, A color DMD LED is almost a must (it is done so well!). Hope to keep this in my collection for a long time.
4 years ago
Elvira is well integrated into the theme of the game, especially with the call outs. This is what initially drew me to the game. It was a nice touch to be able to set family friendly mode on or off. Set it to off to hear Elvira at her campy, sexy best.

Some say the rules are simple but I think the rules combined with the lighting and call outs make it extremely clear on what you need to shoot. The layout isn’t crammed full of hard to see shots. This would make a great learning pin. The ramps are very smooth, almost effortless. Shots aren’t difficult and perhaps that will turn off some players.

Little touches like the coffin opening up and saying “Boo!” randomly as the ball flies past it down the ramp gives the game more character. The Boney Beast dresses up a ramp not only for show but functionally (love the Beast’s eyes). Dancing Boogie Men mod is a must have addition.

As an overall package Scared Stiff delivers in all aspects of the game. Fun to shoot, great art and sound, well integrated theme. Everything is just so well thought out and put together..
5 years ago
The saving the environment theme is a little weird but you're still basically fighting Bluto and trying to save Olive Oyl. The skill wheel is unique and offers great rewards that requires not much skill at all but that's not necessarily a bad thing. The play field layout is well designed and the upper play field doesn't really block anything once you know where things are. Once you get to know the rules they are pretty easy to understand though some objectives are not that obvious if you don't know the rules. No more so than any other pin? The game has some difficult shots but nothing that's impossible to make. The upper play field is a blast and even though it has it has some quirks it's still extremely fun to play. Not only does it have a maze to find Swee Pea but you can power up your animals and there are a bunch of awards to choose from. Loops can be fast as anything. The DMD animations are fun and really begs for a color DMD, something I would love to add in the future.

This game is a keeper for me. I keep coming back to it and it puts a smile on my face every time. I'm also happy that it is NOT well regarded, so currently prices are low and I was able to get a decent deal on it. It's also cool that it's a wide body!
5 years ago
As my first pin, this one is a keeper. Lots of challenges and deep rules set. Very addicting!

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