Story of a lifetime

Story of a lifetime

By way2wyrd

March 14, 2012

3 years ago

Ive always loved pinball.  I remember as a kid playing Atari Hercules with my uncle in boston.

In my 20s the bar we hung out at always had 2 or 3 machines. T2 TAF TZ Tommy  among them.

I was lucky enough to have a pinball shop close to me so i bought my first pin in 92.  A Xenon in pretty good shape for $500.   I thought it was the deal of a life time.

Since then Ive added a number of machines , mostly EMs and a few SS. 

That is all

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3 years ago

Great story way2wyrd, boy wouldn't you like to get that Xenon for 500 today!

3 years ago

Xenon for $500?!? Nice score W2W!

That has to be one of my all time favorite BG's.

3 years ago

Sweet score. Maybe one day I will find a deal like that!

3 years ago

hope one day to play that Atari pin

2 years ago

Cool story. Glad to hear your first pin purchase was a Bally product. And that's when Bally was truly Bally.

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