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26 days ago
This has to be one of the more underrated machines which makes sense being that it’s a Gottlieb, the more i play it the more i love it!
- As a horror fan I must say i could not be more satisfied with the theme, i love that there 7 nightmares (one for each film)
- the furnace shot is your main objective just like in the highest rated pins (Medieval Madness, Attack From Mars, Stranger Things) but this one is to the right which is unique and challenging
- Most people would call this a negative but the flippers are slightly to far apart, why this is actually cool is you can activate a claw at the bottom of the playfield to bounce the ball back in play!
-the game starts with multiball which is very unique and always makes things interesting
- Freddy spits the balls and talks smack to you!

- Animation is okay but could be better i suppose
- the left claw flipper isn’t as exciting as it could be but it’s still pretty cool
3 months ago
This is a fun machine with a fun theme, i think underrated
4 months ago
Spooky fun that endures and keeps you wanting to play more
5 months ago
All fun and spooky camp, highly recommend for fans of Gottlieb or horror/humor pump
5 months ago
Cowabunga Dude! As Michelangelo says this machine is “bitchin”