Paragon vs Intruder

By Watkinsd13

April 17, 2022

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32 days ago

So a couple months ago I opened a private tattoo studio that me and my wife operate out of. It’s just the two of us and get to deal with awesome clients. We do not do walk in tattoos and stay booked months in advance so we do not deal with odd people or sketchy people either. We also have an online pin/patch/art store that we operate out of one of the back rooms. In that room I store a paragon and pharaoh, both of which are just packed up and wrapped because I have a problem buying machines even though I have no space at home but I’m sure some of you might be able to relate to that lol. So now that the scene is painted this is what happened. 

This morning I was getting ready to come to work and received a call from my neighboring business that the doors to my shop were open. (We have door chimes on our doors that notify me that the doors open on my phone but for some I didn’t get any notice so I am looking into that). I haul ass over to the shop and sure enough, we had been broken into and all of my tattoo machines, inks, some of our shop sweaters we sell?!?!? Some of our pins and patches and I think that’s mostly it. I was of course going through some anger/sadness/violated feeling and then I walked into the storage room with the pinballs and saw that the paragon was moved about a foot and crooked. 

I started cracking up at the thought that some ass hole was stealing a bunch of shit (worth waaaaaaaay more then the paragon) saw a pinball and thought that they could get away with it just caring it. They didn’t have a car because I was able to track random stuff they had dropped down the street probably 100 yards. 

The only thing that makes me feel better at the moment is the thought and hope that whoever stole from us threw there back out or pulled a groin trying to move that machine in a hurry. 

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28 days ago

oh, what sad news! I feel really sorry for you and your wife! Hopefully your property may be recovered somewhere, or at least the damage is not that big! on the lucky side, maybe you have more room to set up your pins? all the best to you both!

28 days ago

@spicekabay it definitely sucks but our clients have been extremely supportive, we have ordered everything and just waiting on supply’s to come in. No word on who did it or the missing items. I have hope.

The tattoo community is very much like pinball community where we may all bicker back and forth and have differences in opinion on company’s and products but, at the end of the day when tragedy strikes the community comes together. Every shop close me is on the lookout and the thief will be very surprised if they go to sell the supply’s. Lol

28 days ago

Very sorry that some jerk broke into your store & took your equipment & inventory! I have heard about your work from friends in the Killeen area, & was told that you are considered to be the best detail artist in the community. I hope you can recoup some of your stuff. I hope the guy slipped a disc in his back & has lifelong back pain to remind him of his selfish destruction of your shop.

28 days ago

@kkccjgramps I truly did not expect anybody here to know of me haha. The pinball community in Killeen is nonexistent so I do not know anybody that plays pinball personally.

That is awesome that friends have had such kind words about my work. We try really hard to do the best tattoos we can and treat people right.

I hate to wish illness on ppl but I wouldn’t mind if the perp got a slip disk or something. Like not injured enough to get disability, just sever pain for awhile

28 days ago

Hopefully there was no damage to pharaoh or Paragon, and the insurance can cover the rest.
I'm sorry to hear that happened.

26 days ago

I am sorry this has happened. I was always happy when me or my troops ran up on an in progress burglary. Wish that would have happened here. Glad the pins are AOK. Be safe

26 days ago

I bet it was young people. Killeen has really gotten bad over the last years with a lot of gang activity, shootings and murders, as I'm sure you know. I'm sorry you had to experience a burglary. It kind of makes you feel like a gut punch to know someone uninvited was going through your things. You should probably call the pawn shops nearby and let them know to be on the lookout for tattoo equipment. I know nothing about tattoo but if I can help with pinball please let me know (it really is a pinball desert around Central Texas).

26 days ago

@nacman it is surprising nobody saw anything going on because we I can see the gate entrance to fort hood and our clients are awesome and msg us anytime something seems odd or different about the shop. We will definitely be safer. A whole new security setup and defenses for the shop shouts be here tomorrow.

26 days ago

@pinball_postal I agree it was probably was some young kids. I am born and raised here so I have seen it go up and down but definitely seems like a down turn lately. You could not be more correct about the feeling. When it first happened I was shocked of course but I was overall good surprisingly and then as the days have gone on I am more and more pissed and disappointed people can do this to one another. Today was the first day back at the shop since it happened and has the shop feels tainted and doesn’t have that same “magic” feeling. In time I’m sure things will buff. I had mentioned before our clients(I consider most my friends) have blown us away with support and positivity. I went to all the local tattoo shops and told them to be on the lookout for supply’s and went around to the pawn shops from cove-temple and only one shop even buys tattoo supply’s because they said it almost always stollen supply’s. And definitely will reach out! It’s great to see a pinsider near by!

26 days ago

Sentry Guns. Ripley Out. Sorry for dicks that mess up the American Dream. Karma will hit them hard, and if you try to let it ‘be what it is’, it will reward you ..

25 days ago

@king-henry lmao you made my day with that quote. Ppl keep asking “oh well at least you have cameras!” And I told my wife “ everybody is so happy we caught them on camera but they are covered head to toe with clothing and face mask that you can tell next to nothing about this person! F*#k cameras! I want sentry guns! Or at least like stun darts or tasers or something!”

You are correct I think. It happened and that’s it so we are moving forward and trying to be as happy and positive as we can and not let things get us down.

21 days ago

If someone breaks into my garage they will be disappointed to find Pins wall to wall that they cant steal without a lot of effort. Not much else in there but a soldering station voltmeter and tons of 0.37 cent resistors diodes IC chips bad circuit boards etc.. and misc pinball parts lol

20 days ago

As someone who was once burglarized and currently owns a Paragon, I'm sorry you and your wife had to go through all that. As others have pointed out it truly is a gut punch feeling... I am glad your machines were left alone (more or less) at least, and am glad to hear the local community has rallied around you! Silver linings...

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