By WanderingEskimo

October 05, 2019

18 days ago

Welcome to our Pinside profile!  My wife, Brandi, and I reside in Manitoba Canada inside of an igloo for 6 months of the year.  To pass the time we have way too many hobbies, including:

  • Collecting Canadian stamps and coins
  • Driving vintage North American sports cars
  • Sampling fine whisk(e)ys, burbons, and other spirits
  • Dabbling in H0 model railroading
  • Collecting and selling certified Canadian Inuit Art
  • Engaging in local history with an emphasis on grain elevator preservation
  • Real estate investing

... and most importantly, collecting and enjoying our selection of vintage video games, arcade machines, and pinball machines!

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13 days ago
Igloo? REALLY? Picture required!
6 days ago
He's fuckin' with y'all. No Igloo, I assure you.
2 days ago
Must have a really big Igloo to drive North American sports cars inside for 6 months! lol

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