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9 months ago
I thought it was amazing.
1 year ago
It’s the best pinball machine and it’s the best version of it. What isn’t to love. Plays faster and cleaner than the standard remake it replaced. The light show and topper are first rate.
3 years ago
I love this game. The satellite multiball is awesome.
10 years ago
I've tried to like this as I love the theme, but just can't get excited about it. To be fair the one I played had some issues...
10 years ago
Love the calm before the storm feature...
10 years ago
Just picked this up. Really like it so far but will update my rating once I got it all cleaned up. So far love the ZZ Top theme song and the Accelerator
10 years ago
Not a fan of the new sterns, but also never been a fan of LOTR...
10 years ago
The shaker motor is cool, but I still like MM a whole lot more
10 years ago
Love this game the more I play. It's absolutely a work of art as well.