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8 years ago
A beautiful looking game that's just a bore to play. Many EMs can be very strategic with all sorts of different bonus elements, and are filled with risk/reward, and you'd think when designing a modern EM the designers would be thinking to take those great elements from EMs, however that's not the case with WNBJM. All that's worth doing on this game is shooting the lit 200s. Nothing else. There are many EM games out there that are far more fun to play than Whoa Nellie, and those can be bought at a 10x lower price. I can see absolutely no reason to buy WNBJM other than for the artwork. Also I've noticed many times where the score reels on Whoa Nellie don't seem to properly keep score. I've seen it happen far more frequently on Whoa Nellie than any real EM game. In addition to that there seems to be an issue where shots to the lit 200s will sometimes just score 50 and move the light, rather than scoring the 200.

One thing I do applaud the design for is the mini-DMD in the apron. Having that will be a terrific aid with maintenance of the game, and does give it a leg up on EMs in the maintenance cattery.
8 years ago
Taxi may be the most approachable and easy-to-learn game of all time. The objective is incredibly simple and can be figured out quickly, however it is difficult to pull off, and getting the jackpot lit provides are terrific adrenaline rush. On paper I should absolutely love this game, and for a while it was a grail game that I looked for forever, however once I finally got one it just didn't play as enjoyable as I expected it to. Dangerous feeds from the pops/kickout, plus the dangerous nature of the drop-targets made me instead just go for the easy ramps to million, rather than bothering with the going for the jackpot, and overall the playfield just felt eh to play.
8 years ago
Ben Heck has hit a home run with his first game. America's Most Haunted is an incredibly unique pinball machine that's unbelievable fun to play. The playfield is fast and incredibly smooth, and is tons of fun to combo. The rules are extremely innovative and tell a pinball "story" better than any other pinball machine I've seen. Every aspect of the theme is integrated incredibly well into the modes, and as a result makes modes that are completely unique from anything else I've played. It goes above and beyond just shooting the lit shots, and uses the toys (ghost, door, and hellivator) and excellent call-outs to make playing the mode an interactive experience with the game, as if you're really one of the "ghost hunters".

The game's humor, call outs, and animations are excellent, myself and my friends who have played it absolutely love the style of the game. Art-wise the game is decent. The cabinet is terrific and really stands out, however the backglass and playfield are just okay, not bad, but nothing that stands out as great either. The same can be said for the music. There's nothing about the music that's bad, however it also never sticks out as something incredible.

Overall the game is a terrific experience, and is absolutely worth playing.
8 years ago
This game is awesome. Blazing fast fun with great balanced rule design. Like most system 11s it doesn't have much depth, but due to the speed and out-of-control nature of the game, it never starts to feel tiresome or old. The lighting and sound are awesome, and the beacons are a great touch.

Also this game has some of the best music in all of pinball. Fits the game incredibly well and makes playing it even more fun.
8 years ago
Monster Bash is a rather fun game, although it gets old quickly. Preparing for a big stack that will allow you to get to Bash and Rock is rather fun and can feel really intense, however since Bash and Rock are so easy to get to, it starts to lose its effect, and just begins to feel boring.

The game also can get boring for tournament due to repetive strategies like Creature all day and Mosh Pit all day being viable.

As far as casual approachability, though, this game is great because of its many toys, great art, and great sound.
8 years ago
First thing to note: Turn off the claw!

This game sucks with the claw enabled, because having the claw enabled kills the flow of the game and allows the player to just choose lock freeze and play multiball all day, without ever experiencing the great modes packed into this game.

Demoman's flow may be some of the best in all of pinball. It's such a pleasure to shoot, and the game encourages and rewards flowing combo play. The way the rules work with combos, lock freezes, and claw awards makes the player keep flow going between the center shot, left ramp, right ramp, and eventually left inner-loop. It feels incredibly fun to do, and the rules do a good job of rewarding the player for doing so.
8 years ago
Scared Stiff is one of the most approachable and casual friendly pinball machines ever. The first crate and coffin multiballs are easy enough to get to the point where odds are the a new player will get one of the two in a game. Plus the ramps have a certain satisfaction to them which comes with how smooth they are.

As far as play for the core player goes, however, the game has its ups and downs. The Stiff-o-Meter is extremely fun and is one of the most heart-poundingly awesome features in all of pinball, however ultimately it isn't really worth going for because that upper kickout is so dangerous. Due to this the game ends up just becoming a grind of left ramp to coffin multiball, and since the left ramp doesn't have a cap on its combo value, looping it all day can start to dominate the game.

The callouts and artwork are incredible, and the custom speech is some of the best in all of pinball.
8 years ago
A decently fun to shoot game with okay rules. The modes are typically low value, and some are time-out-able, however others are worth playing and can be worth big points when stacked with something. Between Stewie Pinball, Crazy Chris, and TV modes, the game does a decent job of requiring the player to shoot around the playfield, however it does start to feel a bit repetitive and grindy.
8 years ago
Gameplay-wise this is the best pinball machine ever made. Incredibly smooth and fun playfield with the most well-crafted pinball rules ever. There are so many different viable strategies in AC/DC, I can play the game 10 times in a row and each time use a completely different, but still equally relevant, strategy. There's so much to learn about the rules, and so much cool stuff tucked away deep in that rule set.

The only problems with this game are things that don't matter much at all to me. For one the artwork is only okay, and for two the game doesn't have a stand-out gimmick or something easy to get without knowing the rules in order to draw in casual palyers.
8 years ago
A rather boring game. Kind of fun to play every once in a while, but really lacking in rules depth and lastability.
8 years ago
One of my least favorite pinball machines gameplay wise. The playfield isn't fun to shoot, and the gameplay is dominated by the stupid video mode. The video mode has a set pattern and is a total bore that's a complete waste of time, but it's worth so many points that in tournament mode you can't avoid playing it many times. Also the inlane/outlane area have posts in very strange positions, and are partially blocked off by the stupid cannons. Many of the modes can be played for lots of points by just looping the center shot over and over, which gets pretty boring, and there's really not much reason to hit many of the other shots around the playfield.

What STTNG does have going for it, though, is possibly the best audio package in all of pinball. The speech, music, sound effects, etc. are all incredible.
8 years ago
The Addams Family is a game I really enjoy playing, despite not thinking it's all that great. Overall the game is rather repetitive and is just a grind, but it's a grind I enjoy doing time and time again. I imagine if I owned one I would start to get bored of it, but on route it tends to be one of my most played games.
8 years ago
A great game for casual players, however I personally tend to get bored of it pretty quickly. I find that there's very little to do on the game, and that it really doesn't encourage shooting around the playfield at all (the value of madnesses and jackpots in general are terrible in comparison to the castle). The castle and trolls are some of the greatest toys in all of pinball, but beyond the coolness factor of those aspects of the game, it really doesn't have much else to offer.
8 years ago
A surprisingly fun budget game. Plays very similar to The Addam's Family as far as how to light and start modes, and with the content of the modes themselves. The multiballs, however, are a bit underwhelming, as they feel a little useless as far as scoring goes. The mode multiballs score very little, and the main multiball is extremely difficult to light (besides the pity multiball on ball 3 and the smart missle), and after the jackpot and double jackpot provides little scoring oppritunity. The game has great art and audio, and overall is fun to play. Also the topper is totally awesome. Like Addams Family it is a grind, gameplay wise, but also like Addams Family it's a grind that's fun to do time and time again.
8 years ago
An extremely fun game with terrific design elements. Metallica shines with all the danger on the playfield and intensity of the rule design. The multiballs all have high scoring potential, but require you to hit many dangerous shots to get there. Once you're in multiball you're challenged again with tough dangerous shots to add a ball, start double scoring, and if you're able to time things right, even quadruple scoring. These multiballs make them much more exciting. The other strong point of Metallica lies in the Crank it Up modes. Crank it Up provides one of the most intense single-ball modes in all of pinball.

The one major flaw I see in Metallica is that it often reaches the point where after a game I just don't feel up to playing another. There's a lot of wood-chopping required to get anything started, and without things being stackable, after one thing you can often be left with downtime again before you're able to get anything going. This flaw is redeemed by some degree with how exciting it is to bash away at the dangerous shots, however, and to have that ball flying around in such an exciting manner.
8 years ago
Not a very deep game, but still one of the most fun game I've played. Modes are fairly ignorable and just kind of come when they come, as the multiball is all that matters score wise, however it's extremely fun to shoot and a blast to play. Art is good and the music is terrific. The sounds greatly contribute to the overall fun factor. Who doesn't love to rock out and play pinball?
9 years ago
A beautiful game that is very fun to play. The playfield is perfectly symmetrical, which may annoy some but I really don't mind it. Overall the layout is interesting and is very fun to shoot. The rule design is pretty simple. To summarize, shoot a bunch of stuff until the locks light, then start multiball and then shoot a bunch of stuff until you get the million point shot. It's tough but not too tough, and leaves me wanting to play again. Also the music is great and the bell on top is a great effect.
9 years ago
Monopoly excels in the art and sound department, but falls short gameplay wise. It integrates the Monopoly theme well, however the scoring is unbalanced and the modes are boring. The modes give very low point values in exchange for shooting very dangerous shots, and they also can't be stacked with a multiball in order to give it some degree of safety. Meanwhile, Cash Grab, the most worthwhile mode which is safe and worth tons of points, can be stacked with a multiball for even more points. In the end the game just becomes playing Cash Grab over and over again, which gets very old.
9 years ago
Overall a good game for its time. Tends to be a bit slow and boring due to the upper playfield and how easy it is to get into multiball. The backglass and playfield are beautiful. The sounds effects can get extremely annoying at times, however I do enjoy the voice overs.

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