My Pinball Life.

By vwallat99

September 18, 2014

7 years ago

My Pinball life started when I was born. My Father has owned pinball machines since before I can remember. So needless to say its been with me since birth. My first memories of pinball would be when I was a young child my bedroom was right above the basement game room. Centaur II was my father's pride and joy and he would play it constantly and the creepy voice that came from that machine would give me nightmares. NO LIE. I used to be scared shitless to even go in my basement from the sounds the machine used to make. When I was growing up this scared nature soon went away but yet I was unable to conquer my fear by playing this machine since it was broken down. Instead I grew up shooting after the 1 million shot in Comet or becoming a pilot and achieving a multi-ball in Space Shuttle. When I was old enough to move out of my parents house I always wanted a Centaur machine to have in my living room. Finally only 22 years old. I talked my dad into buying that same Centaur machine that used to keep me up and night, fixed the machine and now finally it rests in my living room for my friends and myself to be in awe over the COOLEST pinball machine ever made. My life and my pinball collection may have just started recently but I feel that it is a proud tradition to keep going and I hope to one day have that type of gameroom that I grew up in for my children.

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