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9 months ago
I own all the JJP games and this is the best one, the more balanced. What a show!!! I own the LE and CE. Amazing games.
1 year ago
I own this game at home. Wonderfull job done by JJP team!!! A must to have.
1 year ago
Good value for money.
2000 euros less than a NIB Stern...
1 year ago
Highly underrated, not fair. Good value for money.
1 year ago
Beautiful, addictive game, masterpiece of collection.
Graal from these last ten years.
I own 2 jjpotc at home.
2 years ago
So funny game, but so easy.
Perfect for a location, but for having at home not so sure.
2 years ago
Very good pinball.
I like it but finally it is very linear shots.
I liked it, he left my home, no problem.

Was a hit, but other games were released and are today much better than this game.
2 years ago
The last Bally Williams I keep at home, after all the ones who were here in the past.
I love this game.
Hightly undervalued game just because it is rare and not so many people can assess it.
Will never leave my house.
Pat is the best !
2 years ago
The best video and music in a pinball.
Epic game, I love it.
Hightly undervalued by the communauty.
Play it, enjoy it, adopt it at home.
2 years ago
First JJP at home in 2013.
Thanks JJP for having made the revolution and going forward in the pinball industry.
Women and children just can love pinballs now with this great game.
2 years ago
Crazy good game.
My best seller in 2018.
Pat Lawlor did a great game. This game is in my game room front of my Safe Cracker :-)

Thanks for your work Pat.
2 years ago
The more I play the more I find this game is crazy good.
Eric Meunier did a master stroke with this pinball.
Congrats JJP !