R.I.P. - Ronnie James Dio

By VT8man

June 30, 2011

8 years ago

What the hell can I say, I started playing pinball at the young age of 4? maybe 5? I actually won a trophy in Abilene, Texas in 1978. Yes I was Colonial Food Store Pinball Champion at 6 years old. I was the shizznit at show & tell, but time moved on. Games evolved, disappeared until I was in college at Virginia Tech. The Hokie House had one game that was rotated often, Twilight Zone, Addam's, Earthshaker, Terminator 2 ( that game was hot when if first came out.) I had to make sure I had all high scores if you made the board.

I hadn't played in years, and got free tickets to see Heaven and Hell out here in Maryland. David Silverman, the current prospector of the National Pinball Museum, had some music themed games onsite. We didn't care for the opening act, and played some GNR, Elvis, and Nugent, and I had no clue why i didn't have one of these games in my basement.

Now I have 9 machines, and have played in a league for a little over a year now. I'm still pretty annoying on this site, but I'm in good company. A childhood pastime has been renewed, and I really hope to meet all of you at PAPA...lol It's a great place. So bottom line is, Black Sabbath got my ass back into pinball. I think it's a METAL blessing. Hehehee and you'll be seeing tech. questions from me for sure.

P.S. - Robin I'm going to be in Holland in Sept. We need to have a beer.


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