Embracing the Madness.

Embracing the Madness.

By vongator

January 27, 2019

21 days ago

It all started on a Medieval Madness machine at Gator City in Gainesville, Florida. My roommate and I would play on this machine for hours after work, smashing the castles, going back-and-forth on high scores, not talking to girls... After moving from college, I never really played much pinball (unless I saw a MM..). I finally found a bar with a MM and a few other pins...then found a bowling alley with a few pins...then found a barcade...

I'd always wanted a Medieval Madness of my own and, after many years, I finally heard about Chicago's remakes and purchased one of my own (I was worried about the repairs). I caught the bug and followed that up by purchasing a Firepower and Buckaroo (and then became an expert pinball repair man...). 

My son was never really into playing until we were playing at a friend's one day and he told me "The Monster Rock & Roll Pinball" was his favorite. Coincidentally, Chicago had just released their remake of Monster Bash, so... Now we have four pins!

My son is a great player now (at 6!) and we play around town all the time! I'm watching PAPA vids and starting to put "VON" up on machines around town, while always internet shopping for mods and new pins all the time...

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11 days ago
Great Story! Great Game, those remakes by Chicago gaming are well built! Putting Stern to shame!
1 day ago
What is "VON"?

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