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6 years ago
Overall a very fun game. Lots of stuff packed into this game. Good family theme. Game play is okay if you're just having an okay game but it gets out of control fun if you are able to stack a number of things going simultaneously (like a multiball, munchkin mode and crystal ball mode). GI lighting is fairly poor but the insert lighting is over-the-top.
8 years ago
Yeah, maybe I'm biased because I own it, but this game is just pure fun. I imagine it will only continue to improve with future updates. Great flow. Great light show. I love the LE backglass cabinet art. It seems like the key to this pin is getting the flow and combo shots going. "Laser" show on Klingon MB isn't crazy-revolutionary or anything like that but I think it is a very cool feature nonetheless and something that pin-newbs find REALLY cool when they see it for the first time.
9 years ago
POTC is a great family game. Excellent theme which is nicely integrated. The kids love it. Voice acting is fairly weak and could be an annoyance if you really focus on it. Not a lot of flow but more of a stop-and-go action.
9 years ago
Just been restoring my HS. Fun game and can produce some very fast paced action.
9 years ago
Amazing game. I had only played on Pinball Arcade prior to buying MM. Playing MM is some of the most fun I've ever had playing anything.
9 years ago
I just could not get into this. My opinion is that the playfield is crowded and sometimes the ball is hard to see. Overall, I think it is a decent pin and I know many people love it (maybe it grows on you) but I don't think I'll be seeing this one in my game room. I played on a routed machine so maybe that skews my opinion. I did enjoy some of the flow with the orbit shots and did like the fact that I only spent like 4 dollars in the arcade while my kids spent 25 playing their stupid ticket games in the same time frame. So, the ball times were great when you are paying for them.
9 years ago
Love my LOTR! Kids seemed to be drawn to it as well when friends are over. One of my sons went from being an Xbox junkie to only playing LOTR which was just fine by me!
9 years ago
This is my first pin. Cannot stop playing it! Very fun. Kids have fun with it too even though they don't really understand the 'rules'. I could not be happier with my first pin purchase.