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7 months ago
Man I love this one. I wasn't a deadpool fan, but I liked arcade/fighting aspect, which seems to divide opinions.
Layout is refreshingly new.

One month after it's release the code is already very good. Stern is doing a great job!

Zombie Yeti art is 11/10.
Sound Music 10/10
Animations 10/10

Not so good:
Shots/flow 7/10 - A bit clunky and choppy.

Other games look pretty cheap after this (Iron Maiden and Ghostbusters being exception).
9 months ago
Great theme! Who doesn't like pirates?

Great art package. Nice animations and sound/music.
A slight disappointment for me was that it plays like System 11 and not like other DMD's.
9 months ago
It's a cheapest B/W DMD for a reason. There's not much to shoot for. Very shallow ruleset.
Sound quality is below average.
Gameplay is hard and ball times can be very short.
I really wanted to like it. I even bought a second one. But that left from my collection just as fast.
9 months ago
If you like fast gameplay and soundtrack then this is it. Movie was a flop but pinball came out just fine.
Those were the days where they actually made an effort with playfield toys (movable CyberGlove). Not like the recent sterns with those bashing figures.
I like the art package a lot. And with LED's the playfield looks excellent.
A lot of fun for the price. Very underrated. Maybe because of the movie? What if this was based on the Matrix?
9 months ago
Great overall package for the price. One of the best B/W backglasses. I liked the playfield art too. Lots of stuff on the playfield since it's a widebody. Fast and challenging.
The deadworld feels pretty useless without the mod. It could have been implemented better.
Excellent sounds and DMD.
Guitar soundtrack can be annoying to some, but I liked it.
9 months ago
I personally don't like the feel of those early Sterns. Does not feel even close as good as the older B/W games.

On paper this looks promising: 2 major playfield mechanisms (roulette and slot machine), drop targets, 4 slingshots, ball locks, spinner etc.

Art quality was one of the worst I have seen. Print quality on the playfield and especially on the cabinet was pretty bad. Did not like the backglass quality either. Washed out colors and bad contrast. Looked like it was printed on a plain copy paper.
For a 2001 pin, you would expect a better sound quality too.

Atleast ruleset was decent.

You can see that this was a low budget build. But then again it does not cost much today either.
So if you are not picky, getting it for your 1st pinball machine, why not...
9 months ago
It's tough but fair. But I guess this makes you a better player too. With lightning flippers, playtimes can be short.
I like the flipper and gameplay feel the most on this era (Fliptronic). Later WPC-S feels a bit strange.

Theme integration and mood/atmosphere is excellent. I like the (blood)red DMD. Ruleset is not very deep, but there is enough challenge for an average player to try to stack those 3 multiballs.

Very nice art. Only exception maybe being the backglass. But that's not bad either.
9 months ago
The best DataEast backglass and playfield art. I generally don't like DE playfield art at all, but this one was an exception probably because of the cartoon style. Sound quality could have been better.
9 months ago
Supercharger is really cool! But what comes to playfield there's not that much to shoot for. I liked the dots and music. But the playfield art is a bit too retro/comic.
9 months ago
Very nice overall package. Sound/music/speech and animations are excellent! I liked the art too.