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1 year ago
First off:
It’s a great game.

But it has some troubles.

It was not easy to understand by simply playing to unlock “Control Room” in order to advance in the game. Not at all self explanatory, I had to watch a YouTube video.

Fun, long lasting and tricky shots.

Tricky shots was an understatement. Some shots can feel near impossible as it somehow feels like the holes, ramps and raptor pit is narrower than the ball itself.

This is my biggest negative about this game. I run ROM 5.13 and the software feels like it’s not really all the way finished. It’s really difficult to put a finger on exactly what it is but it feels wrong.
“Shoot again” can sometimes appear even when draining the ball after a full minute or more of gameplay. But sometimes won’t when draining the ball immediately after plunging it. My son received infinite number of “shoot again” for example.
Useage of the “Smart Missile” at the moment of ball drainage it can take ages until the next ball comes up.

I’ve suspected it’s the switches on my game but I’ve checked everything over and over and they’re all good.
Last thing I suspect is simply a bad designed software with no useage of interrupts when ball drains etc.

I love it.
It’s a great game by Data East. Actually I would say it’s fantastic.

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