My first table

By Vinsims

March 16, 2019

33 days ago

Was gifted a 1977 Atari Airborne Avenger a few months ago, a friend's parents were selling their house but did not want to move that monster of a machine. He asked me if I wanted it and of course I said yes. I've always loved pinball and wanted my own table, but was never really in a position to buy one. At times it was money, other times it was space. When I arrived to pick up the game, my friend's dad said that he bought it in 1978, took it to the basement and never moved it. The game is in awesome condition but didn't work. So after I got a workout moving it to my basement, rewired the power supply and it popped right on. However, there were other issues with it electronically. Cleaned all the contacts, and added a new on/off switch and now the game works beautifully. Looking forward to my boys and I playing it until it gives up.

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