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11 months ago
Played the Pro on location a few times, had a blast, plenty of interesting shots and rules that are easy to understand (mostly). Ended up buying an LE, and ended up liking it just as much, if not more than the Pro. Let's start with the cons (some of these are personal preference) - I'm not a Foo Fighters fan, I don't mind them - but they are just inoffensive mall shopping background music to me, never bought an album, never listen to them on purpose. With that out of the way, the music is fine in the game, the main thing that's lacking is callouts - luckily it is pretty easy to understand what to shoot based on the lit inserts and the few moments you can spare to look up at the display. That's really it for cons - not a fan of the band, the game is lacking callouts. Some of the rules for things like collecting bot parts, or using van upgrades/mods seem a little cryptic until you figure it out.

Outside of that, it's a hell of a lot of fun to play - the dead post save is a really cool/fun feature that never gets old. The mid-playfield kicker adds some unpredictable fun to the mix, all the shots are pretty easy to learn/dial-in - and the sound effects/lighting package enhances the overall experience. The upper playfield is really great - because if you're not paying attention - it doesn't exist - but if you are, you have a chance to get a few extra shots in. It's not the type of upper playfield that slows the game down.

It can be a difficult game, some that have played it here have had a tougher time with it than others, I find it to be more forgiving than Iron Maiden, but harder than something like EHOH or Deadpool. I usually have a good game or two every play session.

One thing that was really nice, was this was the first Stern I've gotten in a while with no real issues out of the box, other than a couple settings tweaks - the game played great with no issues after setting pitch/level.

The animations are great, the theme is a lot of fun, I prefer this type of band pin over something where you just start a 'song' and play it. I think taking this approach gives a band pin quite a bit more lastability in a collection.

Probably one of the most fun Stern games I've played in years alongside Godzilla - highly recommended for anyone that likes pinball, hard to find much not to like about this game, even if you aren't a fan of the band like me.
1 year ago
Closing in on a year with this one now, surprised how much staying power it has. I knew it was going to be good, but I didn't know that I'd end up liking it just as much as my other favorite games. The updated code from CGC really makes the game feel complete - and of course - rest assured you will have very few problems with this game due to the quality build just like any CGC remake. I don't know that I'd want this as my 'only' pin - I think it might get a little repetitive as a single game, but in a collection it's a breath of fresh air - something with some humor and light heartedness that isn't too difficult. There are also ways to adjust the settings and make the game more challenging. One of my favorite things to do is get to the Bionic Bart mode and try to hit all the jackpots every time instead of just the required ones for a massive score boost, also makes for a nice test of skill. The updated sculpts, lighting, and XL display dots are all huge upgrades - I think we'll be keeping this one for a while yet!
2 years ago
I've had The Hobbit for a while now and played enough games to have a relatively informed opinion on it - let me start by stating that I'm not a huge LotR fan. I read the books back in high school, watched the movies (LotR and The Hobbit) and enjoyed them, but I didn't get this game because of the theme - I got it because I heard it was a great game - and that is the truth. Stern's Lord of the Rings is another amazing game, one of my all-time favorites, and The Hobbit is at least as good as that one.

Looking at the playfield initially, it looks pretty simplistic, but there's actually a whole lot going on - the dynamic drop target banks, subway, pop-up mechs, and outlane kick-out to the upper right flipper add a lot of variety to every game and mode. The artwork on the playfield is fantastic, the cabinet is really impressive too (Smaug edition here). The music, speech/call-outs, and video clips are all very well integrated with the overall game and each individual mode.

The rules seem crazy at first, but it's actually pretty simple. Each mode has some specific requirements that are spelled out on the mini-display, and the overall progression is to collect a few 'jewels' and start a mini-wizard mode, rinse and repeat. There are ways to stack modes and multi-balls and super features to get a high score - but the game is really about progression. The ball times can be long, games can be on the longer side - it's been said before, but this game is really about the 'journey' more than the destination (killer scores).

So, never having played this before acquiring it, I am very happy it's in my collection. I recommend the game to anyone that wants an impressive, high quality, fun game - outside of the fact that it weighs a ton and is a huge pain to move.
2 years ago
Excellent game. The rules are pretty easy to follow and it's fun to stack modes for a huge scoring attempt. One of the best things is the 'web swinging' by alternating shots between the two ramps. The playfield toys stand out, all of them move in some way - has a bit more going on than most modern Stern games with toys/mechs. This original (non-vault) version with the JK Simmons callouts is great. I think it adds a lot to the atmosphere/theme integration. Highly recommend for home use or location play. The only reason this isn't a 8.5+ is because of the DMD animations (poor quality), and the cabinet/plastics artwork. The playfield itself looks good.
2 years ago
Played the Pro on location quite a bit, ended up ordering a Premium for home. Just landed this week - loving the game so far - the whole family is enjoying it - ball times are very fair on this title, even for novice players. I don't know if I'd rate the Premium model a lot higher than the Pro, because I could see myself (and others) actually going back and forth between liking one or the other better at different times. Art, sound, lighting package on this game is one of Stern's best to date - the lighting was getting interesting with AIQ, now they've taken it to the next level, great light show! Most of the shots are pretty forgiving, you can be off a little bit and still make the shot, the right ramp can be difficult at first, backhanding this one seems to help. Game modes are a blast (so are the clips and callouts that go with them) - I actually like how simple it is to start the multi-ball modes - some might see this as a con, but there are enough other challenging aspects to the game to keep it interesting. Hopefully there will be a few more code updates for Mando, but as it stands today - it's an amazing family game, probably the best Star Wars themed game out there, and you'd be doing yourself a disservice not to track one down and give it a try (or better yet - add one to the collection!)
2 years ago
Not much I can add to the already glowing ratings on this game - at first I was a little surprised how difficult the game could be, but after a couple dozen games spent learning the shots, the difficulty curve smoothed out a bit. I went with the Premium mainly for the disco loops feature and I'm not disappointed - maybe the difference between the Pro and the Premium on this one isn't worth the price of admission, but if you can manage it - I think the extras on the Premium add a lot to the game vs. the Pro which I've played quite a bit on-location (both are fully featured, complete games however). Amazing artwork, amazing music/callouts/sound effects, just a really great theme integration paired with an entertaining playfield layout and ruleset. I actually prefer the comic approach vs. the movie approach - kind of lets the game stand the test of time outside the era of the movie(s). Overall, one of my favorite pins - and one I will probably keep for many years.
3 years ago
Finally got enough time in on this one to add a rating - had the Premium for a couple months now, this is a game that probably won't leave the collection. Plenty of shots on the playfield - across varying difficulty levels - keeps things interesting and encourages new strategies for scoring. The modes generate a lot of excitement - especially any of the T-Rex modes as well as the Raptor Pen multi-ball. It's nice that there is one easy multi-ball that can be achieved from the start of a game, and a couple more that require a bit more work to achieve - but we've managed to get T-Rex, Raptor, and Chaos multi-ball modes in a single game a number of times which is a lot of fun. The ramp shots are satisfying, especially the right ramp, smart-missile shot is challenging and very rewarding to hit - upper flipper shots are somewhat difficult at times, but also satisfying. The control center modes are harder to kick off than I'd like, because it can be a pretty difficult shot - but those modes are also a lot of fun and can be completed even as an average player. Overall, a fantastic game from a gameplay perspective. The artwork on the premium - cabinet is 10/10, backbox art is divisive - I think it's 'fine' - some of my neighbors/friends think something is 'off' about it - but it's easy enough to replace and there are plenty of options. The playfield art is 'fine' - it's colorful and fits the theme, but it's basic at the same time. The Stern default A/V package is pretty good - if you don't mind generic voice actors, animations, and music - you get some of the main Jurassic Park score which I think is about the only thing that brings anything authentic to the 'theme' - and even though the animations are custom - they are good (not BKSOR or Deadpool good, but much better than some other Stern games). The main con for me on this one is some of the issues - seems like I am constantly adjusting the upper flipper alignment, T-Rex alignment values, and power settings to get the game to play the way it should - but when it's dialed in, it plays great. Ultimately, a great game for casual players, average players, and pros with plenty of replay value, one of the few pins I've picked up NIB that I felt was completely worth the price of admission.
3 years ago
Up front - not a massive fan of Iron Maiden - but I do enjoy the music. Again, like GnR - if it's on the radio or in a shuffle, I don't change the channel or skip it - so this theme is not 'made for me'. However - I still really enjoyed this game. The overall music/sound/callout package is awesome - love the callouts. Not sure if it was just the way the one I had was set up, but it seemed as though I'd either have an amazing, long lasting game - working my way trough the modes, or a super brutal game that was over in a minute. Either way it went, it was always fun. Some great, challenging shots - especially trying to repeatedly loop the orbits and ramps. The playfield/cabinet/backglass artwork is top notch - lots of great album and band artwork to draw upon for this one and it shows. The multi-ball modes are a lot of fun - less chaotic than strategic. The layout itself is very unique including having the pop bumpers in the mid-left area of the playfield along with a spinner. The 'moment' that I really enjoyed the most was locking all 3 balls for a 'Trooper' multi-ball and watching them 'charge' from behind the post when it kicks in along with the music - gets me pumped every time. Downsides to this game? Well, the animation/display work is just OK - especially when compared to JP2 or BKSOR. Also, there are a couple of hang-up prone areas (rear outer orbit, drop target bank) - could've just been the game I had though. Couldn't really tell you which Elwin game is my favorite, they're all home runs so far in my opinion, Iron Maiden included. Hoping to add this to the collection permanently some day.
3 years ago
Great addition to my collection. Had a hard time deciding between Premium and Pro, ended up going with the Pro after watching some streams on both and talking to some fellow owners of the game, no regrets going with the Pro. You get the complete game, and even one of the defining features of the Premium (the subway) is covered pretty well by the shallow subway (lights vs ball trough) on the Pro. As for the game, my whole family loves it, the other games are currently collecting dust in favor of AIQ. It's a great game for a casual play, but the very deep ruleset along with a couple of very tricky shots makes it a players game too. It's probably one of the best 'home' games too - because the lastability is through the roof - I feel like I haven't scratched the surface of the rules after a month. The artwork on this thing is phenomenal - the playfield, translite, and cabinet tie together perfectly. The only downside is that some of the voicework is kind of lame and the music isn't the best (still 'good enough'). I see this one staying in the collection for a long time - at least until I convince myself to upgrade to a Premium!
3 years ago
This is easily one of my favorite games, would love to have one in my collection. It's a perfect balance for casual and serious players - casual players can have a lot of fun with the long ball times, serious players can try to make it through all the modes and complete the game. The toys/mechs on this game are fantastic, and the multi-ball modes feel extremely well integrated to the overall 'story' of the game - less chaotic feeling, more purposeful. The only 'issue' with this game is that the playfield artwork is pretty lame (not the sculpts or plastics, just the art on the playfield itself) and the overall art package in general is lacking. Outside of that, this is about as perfect as a game can get in my opinion.
3 years ago
We had this for about a month, and enjoyed it while it was here. Great playfield layout and some really interesting shots. Working through the game rules is fun and challenging. I don't think you have to be a Guns N' Roses fan to enjoy the game, but it probably helps. I gave the sound - music/quality on this 6/6 even though I'm not someone who would listen to GNR unless it came up randomly on the radio or in a shuffle - simply because the track selections on the game are great, the music is well integrated into the game, and the sound quality is top notch. Excellent theme integration and artwork on this pin. The light show is amazing in a darker environment. The only issue we had was with the launch - the ball would constantly go STDM after launch (and even after a ball save or two), it took many adjustments to improve that - but it never was fully resolved. Would I buy it for my collection? Probably not - but I would play it on location or in anyone else's collection in a heartbeat! Would be great to try the LE/CE sometime!
3 years ago
Have played hundreds of games on MM over the years, it never gets old. Every time I see it in a collection or out on location I have to play it. There's the nostalgia factor, but it's also a very fun game. The rules are easy to understand, some of the shots are challenging - but they are also pretty fair. The theme is timeless, and the callouts are still probably my favorite game callouts of all time. The castle destruction element is very satisfying (when it's not broken). Love this game, hope there's never a world where it doesn't exist!
3 years ago
Of the Star Wars games currently available, I like this one the best. The toys/mechs on it are great - the blaster cannon, x-wing, and tie fighter are all top notch. It's very satisfying to shoot the left ramp repeatedly which goes all the way around the playfield in order to spell FALCON for one of the multi-ball modes. The trivia is a fun addition, so is the firing of the ball from the x-wing toward the drop target bank. There are some tight shots on this game, and a couple of pretty forgiving ones as well. It's a great game that people seem to gravitate to in the collection - likely because of the 3D backglass and the toys on the playfield (and of course the Star Wars theme). The game can be a drain monster if you don't dial it in. Overall, a fun game, I wouldn't call it 'underrated' - but play one in good working condition - and there's plenty of enjoyment to be found.
3 years ago
Challenging, but fair game. Can be very frustrating, but also very exciting and satisfying when you lock into focus while playing. Working your way through the modes - defeating the Black Knight’s various minions is a blast, so are the callouts and animations. This can be a drain monster if you don’t learn the shots - a wall across the mid-playfield sends a lot of shots right back at you at high speed. It feels like you’re doing battle with the Black Knight, which is the point. Upper playfield is a bit simple, but adds a couple of cool elements with the catapult ball lock and mini-loop. Soundtrack is amazing, never gets old. Upgrade the speakers! The retro mode is great, so are the other multiball modes. Very little to criticize on this one outside of the difficulty level that might turn casual players off. A great home game that will take a lot of time to master, and may eventually be considered a classic.

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