ME and Pinball

By vidzkid

September 23, 2021

30 days ago

My first pinball I played was when I was 13 in 1980 on vacation in Florida was the original Black Knight. I loved the sounds the voice and just the play of the game. I am new to Pinside so I may update this later on. I grew up in the NorthEast and currently reside here since 2009. 1988 as an Adult I moved to Florida and became a technician on arcade and pinball machines. I serviced many many machines in South Florida. In 2000 I got my CDL and by 2004 I was delivering games all over the country and got to meet many many people in the business. 2009 was the end to my career in  the business and now I operate a trucking company. I had kept my pinball and video collection and since then to now I added to it. Currently I have 48 pinballs. I have friends that are collectors as well and I decided to come and be a part of your pinball community here. That is the short version a little of me.

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12 days ago

Welcome! Awesome history in pinball. You must have some stories. Thanks for sharing :)

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