Life long pinball fan

By Ventnorarcade1

January 20, 2021

35 days ago

I have been playing  pinball from 11 years old,and was increasingly interested as I became older and found more machines to play.I played the early mechanical machines and then L.E.D display machines and ever more complex games as they developed in the 1970s and onwards.When the arcades started to close down or replaced the pinball with boring machines I was disappointed.There were fabulous arcades in the Isle of Wight,in Ventnor in particular,and many Coastal resorts along the South Coast.

I have only became aware of Pipeline Bar in London today as a result of this Community,and very grateful to be told about the place.

Many thanks for such a good idea in forming this community-there are many people who still find pinball such a wonderful game.

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