It's MY Machine

By vendalah

January 02, 2013

9 years ago

When we were young-ish, my mother would take my sister and I to a bowling alley. It had a Fire! pinball machine. We enjoyed the family fun then and I've kept an ember of love for pinball deep in my heart.

Years later I casually try to find pins to play around south Louisiana, and I make a special trip one Thursday night to a certain historic eatery in Baton Rouge, lured by the promise of pizza and pinball. I am not disappointed. I'm reading my book while I eat some great pizza, after having played a few games, and then someone walks over to my table.

"I challenge you to a game of pinball. I'll buy."

"Okay." says I. The guy is nice about it, and hey, it's free pinball. I wipe my hands and move the three feet between my table and the machine.

"It's my machine." he says.

"Oh, so you play this machine all the time and you're going to beat me real bad?" I've met guys at pinball machines before.

"No, it's my machine, I own it. The owners here let me put it in and I maintain it and all."

His smile sure is nice, but not enough to prevent me from beating him on his own machine. Two days later we meet there again, so he can show me what the machine looks like on the inside. Three years later we get married in that very room. They're all his machines but I get to help fix them!

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6 months ago

Sounds like y’all got a real ‘Special’ with a double’Match’

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