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By UTpinGuy

May 20, 2019

29 days ago

Hello fellow Pinsiders!  I grew up in Bountiful, UT in the 80's.  One Christmas Day, when I was around only seven or eight years old, my Dad surprised us with a new pinball machine..."Six Million Dollar Man"  I played it a lot and grew to love pinball, but honestly only played other pinball machines infrequently on occasion.  My brother recently purchased "Six Million Dollar Man" for his family and the nostalgia came back and I've been playing pins where I can.  I'm fortunate to have a few nickelcades around where games are cheap and have been playing a variety of pins and am preparing to purchase my 1st home machine.  I'm unsure of which one to buy but have some favorites.  

Currently, out of the pins I've played, I like MM, LoTR, PotC, SW, Metallica, Mustang, SM, WW, TZ and some others.  I've not yet played any Jersey Jack pins, but have familiarized myself with them online and believe I would really like them.  In fact, I might just start with a Jersey Jack for my 1st home pin.  Anyway, I think pinball is great and hope to meet some local pinheads and learn from them as I embark on this new hobby.  Other hobbies I have include paragliding, offroad trail motorcycling, and tennis.     

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25 days ago
I bought a JJP Dialed In! as my first pin. I played a few JJP but not DI and drove a considerable distance to get one. My reasoning was this might be my only game in my collection so I went for the "best" for my family situation that would be a positive experience without regard to money. I didn't want to get something that was shallow, need fixing, or wanting more for some other reason. It worked and the other day I got a NIB Deadpool Pro delivered. My family is really enjoying our new game room. Good luck!
15 days ago
Welcome to Pinside. JJP makes very solid games and the ones you mentioned are top notch also!

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