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1 year ago
I own an SV and recently had the chance to play an LV. Thinking now I should gave gone with the LV due to the extra lighting, side blades, shaker, etc. This is a great game in either form, however.

I play it more than any other game in my 10 pin collection which includes GZ oremium. On that note, this game should be and was rated higher until several weeks back when a bunch of GZ owners who either had never played Alien or played it a few times at expos decided to give it a bunch of low reviews to knock its rating back down. You will see what I am talking about below.

Anyone interested in this game should tune out the noise, play it (more than 1-2 times), and decide for yourself. Quality has gotten a lot better (my SV has worked alnost problem free) and this is a very underrated game and experience. Probably the best theme integration in pinball along with Stranger Things IMO.
1 year ago
My favorite pin in my collection. Owned a pro and loved the game so much I upgraded to a premium. Great theme with that one more game factor. Pro was easier to maintain as the TK lock can be finicky at times but it is really cool when it is working well. Projector is cool as well.

The game needs the UV kit and Clelands code to complete the theme integration and its full potential. Premiums now sell for, well, a premium. There just weren’t a ton made and the game’s popularity went the roof once the UV kit and more mature code came out.

The pro is a great game as well so if you like the game and can’t find a premium or LE without breaking the bank, don’t be afraid to go with the pro version.
1 year ago
I can see why GZ is such a popular game in the pin community but for whatever reason, I've just never totally connected with the game. It is probably partially the theme as I am admittedly not a huge fan of the franchise.

With that said, it does have somr great shots and toys. Code is deep as well. I don't particularly care for the music or callouts, however. I just don't find myself turning it on and playing it as much as some of the other games in my collection I personally rate higher.
1 year ago
I've only had my SV for 3 weeks now but I love the game and unique widebody layout. I mean who doesn't love a four flipper game with a mechanical Xenomorph attacking and eating your ball?

The two Alien(s) movie themes of the game are excellently integrated from the dark feel of space to the David Thiel sounds and movie callouts. Some complain about the SV being too dark but the backbox has multiple USB ports and I've already added led strips to the back area along with strips to enhance the backbox art. You can add lighting as desired or needed.

The shots can be challenging and scoring a bit confusing but my scores are getting better each week as I learn the nuances of the shots and rules. Alien plays fast for a widebody and frankly those calling it clunky haven't taken the time to learn the game. The challenging nature of the game is one of the reasons why it actually makes a very good home pin.

I was worried about quality and issues out of the box since Pinball Bros.is a new manfacturer but I've had no issues so far. This is an underrated game and a nice contrast to the Stern cookie cutter quality and layouts we've all become accustomed to over the years.
2 years ago
The negative, ST is a Attack From Mars clone reviews when it was new scared me off. Eighteen months later, I acquired a nicely modded pro with UV kit and realized what a fun, addicting game this is.

The UV kit is a must and completes the theme integration. Coupled with the Cleland mod, Stranger Things has one of the best lighting effects/audio packages of any pinball machine I've played. I don't know why but it just has that one more play factor that keeps me pressing the start button. 4 months in and I'm still playing the most of any game in my collection.

Too bad Stern stopped making them right as word was getting out that with updated code andc UV kit, Stranger Things is a very underrated and addicting game.
3 years ago
Fun game but I've never understood all the hype. I'd say it is a top 25-40 pin but definetly not top 10.

I have never owned MB but have a few friends that have. It has a strong nostalgia factor for some and the theme is fun but it doesn't seem to hold interest in the home environment that long. Both my friends sold theirs after one year or so.
3 years ago
I’ve had JP for almost 3 months now and think I have enough play and knowledge of the game to evaluate it fairly and objectively. It feels as fresh and challenging 3 months in as the day I got it:

The Pros:
*The playfield is packed with shots and the design is very innovative including the varied shots off the 3rd flipper
* Code is deep and the animations very well done despite no movie clips or assets
* T-Rex toy on the Premium and LE is one of the coolest toys in pinball and the shot always fun and satisfying (the raptor gate/multi ball lock is cool as well)
* The cabinet art and back glass is the best of the 3 models on the Premium
* Tight shots and fast play help make me a better player. Has lastability in the home environment given the challenging shots and deep code. Not sure if I’ll ever even sniff the Escape Nublar wizard mode from start to finish - nice thing is you can still play the wizard mode separately

*Voice acting due to lack of a full license is not very good.
*T-Rex effectiveness and capture rate on the ball seems to worsen over time which can impact game play and activating T-Rex modes - T-Rex seems like it needs ongoing tweaking and maintenance to maintain its efficacy and fun factor
* Tight shots that I guess could be a positive or negative depending on what type of game you like - JP definitely falls in the shooter category

In summary, I love this game. Whether you like or appreciate the JP movies (I am lukewarm on them), Stern did a great job of making a fun and challenging pin and the dinosaur theme works. Avtop 10 pin and one of Sterns all time best efforts.
4 years ago
I owned this for about 6 months. Decent pin as evidenced by its ciurrent top 20 Pinside rating. For whatever reason, however, I just never could get into it. Maybe it was the theme as I liked but didn’t love the movies this pin is based on.

Music is decent and there are some cool villain toys like Doc Ock, Sandman, and the Green Goblin. At times, the game kind of felt redundant and that you are chopping wood just bashing villains over and over again, though.

In the end, I just had to sell a game to clear up space and funds for an incoming Stern Jurassic Park and SM didn’t make the cut.
4 years ago
I've had a HUO nicely modded Pro for about 3 months now. Decided to acquire the game after visiting Shanghai Disney in April and experiencing the Tron ride there & rewatching the movie.

I love the light show and music on this pin. The theme is very well integrated. Lighted ramps are a must on this pin and the DaftPunk music and sound effects are some of the best of any machine I've heard in pinball.

Game play is very fast and tough so it has that one more game factor I like in a home environment. Playfield doesnt have a ton of toys and while maybe not the deepest pin out there, any deficiencies are made up for with the gameplay lastability, artwork, music, and all around great theme.
4 years ago
I owned this for a little under a year. The prettiest pinball machine in my collection or that I've ever seen. Problem is, it isn't a great shooter or that much fun IMO.

I give JJP credit for innovation here. The LCD screen, lighting, and sheer number of toys and features are beyond any pin I've owned or seen. However, I found WOZ a bit clunky and despite the fact it was great eye candy, when I turned my pins on, I rarely found myself wanting to hit the start button and play it.

It can have a lot of cheap outlane drains you often have little to no control over as well. It was more of an expensive show piece that I could never get into which is why I recently decided to sell it and move on.

If you like the WOZ movie and theme, you'll probably appreciate this pin more then I did. I never could warm up to the theme or the gameplay.
5 years ago
I’ve owned this for about 5 months now. I love the theme and it makes a great pair with my Fishtales (probably the two best/classic toppers in pinball).

Not the deepest pin out there and the call outs and music seem a bit dated (probably the pins biggest weakness) but when it comes to flow and just pure fun, it is definitely a top 10-20 pin. Some newer games have deeper code and sometimes more of a modern feel but often just don’t measure up when it comes to the fun factor.

Whitewater is Williams classic and a keeper. There is a reason these are getting tougher to find and prices continue to gradually increase.
5 years ago
I’ve played both the original and remake on many occasions. AFM is a fun, classic game that I always enjoy. With that said, I am not sure I would rate it as top 10 of all time let alone #1.

The layout is fun and it has good humor as well. The playfield, particularly by more recent standards, however, doesn’t have many toys or that much going on. I think it is kind of bare. I personally prefer MM for a similar era, classic pin with a similar layout (more and better toys).

I didn’t play AFM growing up so there is no nostalgia factoring into how I rate this pin. Overall, a fun pin but not one where I think it is better than several newer pins and not one I think I would pay 6k+ for.
5 years ago
I played Iron Maiden recently at a local gaming exposition. It seemed like the layout was decent and that Stern did their best with what little they had to work with given the crappy theme..

Gameplay seemed fun enough but any enjoyment derived from playing the game was completely negated by the awful music. Even with all the people and other pins around me, my ears were bleeding within a few minutes of the game beginning.

On theme alone, this pin is not top 50 let alone top 10. Now if Stern were to take a similar layout and apply it to a more enjoyable and fun theme, my rating would be better (still not top 10, though).
5 years ago
Admittedly, Ghostbusters was a dream theme for me being one of my favorite comedy movies of all time. I've read the mixed reviews but after a month of owning a Premium, I love it and think it is a long term keeper.

The artwork and everything about the aesthetics of the pin is top notch. Ditto for the music and how the theme is integrated. The Premium has more toys and things packed into then just about any Stern pin I've ever seen. A lcd color screen would have been icing on the cake but it is still a great game without it.

It is necessary to tweak the game a bit with outlane protectors and possibly a center post given the oversized flipper gap (really the biggest flaw in an otherwise great game). If Stern had vetoed Trudeau's oversized flipper gap before this game is produced (and they hadn't had all the pf qc issues) , this is easily a top 10-15 all time pin.
6 years ago
I bought a nice HOU only original IM a few months back from a local pinhead. At first I thought this game is just too brutal and kind of regretted buying IM. As I’ve played it more, however, it has grown on me and I now find myself playing it more than the others in my 7 pin collection.

It is the toughest pin in my collection (which includes challenging games like Fish Tales & Space Station) but the one more game factor given the short ball times and challenging nature of the game keep me pressing the button for one more game over and over (even having it set for 5 balls).

I love the call outs and think they did a great job of integrating the theme and the movies. My only criticism is I felt they could have included a few more (and higher quality) toys and figures and a better dmd (a color dmd is a good upgrade for this game). The fast, adrenaline oriented gameplay mostly makes up for these shortcomings, however.
6 years ago
This rated as the top machine of all time for a reason. I didn’t play this growing up so there is no nostalgia factor in my rating. This is just a great designed, classic game with great toys (castle, trolls, etc) and theme.

A color DMD on the remake is a must. It just adds a ton to the game. The call outs and humor in the game are great as well. Some of the valley girl damsel stuff is very 90’s and dated but still fun nonetheless.

I have heard some say the remake doesn’t play as well as the original but I’ve played the original a few different places and there isn’t much difference. The remake has newer parts and is probably more reliable, though. Where I think Chicago Gaming could have (and should have) done a better job is on the speakers. The voices at times are a bit muffled and higher quality speakers would have been nice, particularly at this price point.
6 years ago
Admittedly, I have only played this pin a couple different occasions but it is another pin where I don't understand the high rating.

The movie was bad and the pin seems only marginally better.
6 years ago
I have played this at the Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas several times. I was drawn to it because of the high ratings it receives here as a top 30 pin.

Honestly, I have no idea why this pin is rated so highly. The theme seems decent but I don't see the appeal.and found it boring and kind of dumb.

Another highly overrated pin IMO.
6 years ago
I honestly don't get the high rating for this game. Theme is mediocre and game play is mediocre, My only explanation for its high rating is some rate it that way because they remember playing it growing up.

Very overrated pinball machine.
6 years ago
The best part of this game is the humor and call outs in the various modes. The Alien Abduction mode Bill Clinton comments are hilarious. Some of the best humor and callouts of any game I've played.

As far as game play goes, it is fun but I found I played it less than the other pins in my collection. The playfield is obviously a bit smaller but it was ahead of its time with the playfield video integration. With today's technology, they could make a game like this even deeper with modes and gameplay. As it stands, it is still a fun, humerous game but needs to be in a larger collection to keep interest.

I give Bally/Williams credit for thinking outside the box to try to keep pinball going with the pinball 2000 concept. RFM is light years ahead of its pin2000 Star Wars counterpart but can get a bit redundant after a while.
6 years ago
I am a golfer so I made it a point to acquire this pin earlier this year. I enjoy it as do those friends and family members that play golf. I can't say it is my favorite pin in my 5 pin collection, though.

The golf and caddyshack theme is great and it is fun bashing Buzz and Bud, the annoying gophers. As as been stated before, the ramp which pops up and down periodically allows you to bash the golfcart or make the difficult hole in one shot which is fun and very satisfying. The lighting, playfield, and cabinet art are also all very well done.

While there is a lot of great things about this pin, I have to admit I don't love the music and sometimes they gopher voices get on my nerves a bit.

Overall, a fun and entertaining pin which you will appreciate all that much more if you are a golfer and/or Caddysshack fan.
6 years ago
I loved this pin since I first played it at the Pinball Hall of Fame in Vegas last year. I knew I had to get my own after just a few plays.

I grew up with IJ movies so part of that may be the nostalgia factor but it really is a fun machine with that one more play factor that keeps you coming back. Everything from the music, call outs, movie quotes, multiple video modes, and quality is fun, top notch, and very nostalgic. I have always loved the IJ theme music and don't think I'll ever tire of it even having it in my home.

As a wide body, it has a lot of toys like the idol that spits out pinballs for multi ball and the path of adventure. As many that have played or own this machine can attest, the POA can be challenging to keep 100% dialed in but this pin is so cool and fun, it makes any maintenance issues worth it.

There is a reason this is a top 10 pin of all time and the price keeps going up. I would guess it would be next in line for a Chicago Gaming remake except they likely won't fork out the $$ to renew the license so prices will only continue to rise over time.
7 years ago
This is a great game and a favorite of my family. The game's humor from the funny call outs (Gone fishin, leave a message , look Bob,, waterskiers, etc ) , water/jet skier season video mode, to the flopping fish topper make this a family friendly classic.

The game play is a lot of fun once you get a good understanding of the rules which are deep enough to keep it fun while not so deep the game bogs down in minutiae. Plays very fast in Ritchie form.

I've read that some don't like the repetitive banjo type music and loud fish topper. To me, they just add to the game's personality and fit the theme well. Most of these I've seen have a lot of fade on the orange cabinet but I found one that had been in a home for 20+ years that still has the original bright orange color. The artwork on this pin from the cabinet to the backglass is top notch.

I think this game would actually be rated a bit higher if not for the fact it is fairly common with over 10k originally produced.
7 years ago
I am new to pinball and just got this a few weeks ago. I also have No Good Gofers and Fishtales. While not as technologically advanced and sophisticated as those games, it really does have a nostalgic charm about it that makes it fun and a great addition to my small but steadily growing collection.

The music and sound effects really are pretty cool and nostalgic for the era in which the game was made . The cabinet and blackglass graphics are also really cool. The best thing about it though is the lightshow. Mine is all LED and it really is top notch and every bit as good if not better than my 90's Williams games in that department Even guests we had last weekend commented on how cool Space Station's light show, music, and cabinet are.

The gameplay and ruleset while basic in comparison to my other two games, is also a lot of fun so far. It is challenging while at the same time playable and enjoyable. While I'm still getting to know more about pinball, I can see why this is considered to be one of the top (maybe a bit of an underrated) system 11 games.

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