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3 years ago
Really fun family game from Stern. Feels high-quality too. There's no sign of the "cheapness" that defines later Sterns. Also, let's face it, the sinking ship toy is probably the coolest Stern toy that ever was. In fact, it's the best single toy on any POTC game, including JJP's.
3 years ago
If Addams Family is #1, Twilight Zone is certainly 1A for me. It was the first game that I ever owned in 2000. And when I got back into pinball in 2010, what was the first game I ever bought? Why Twilight Zone, of course. This one and Addams Family gobbled up more of my quarters than any other game in the 90's. And why not? It's got everything you could ever hope for in a pinball machine: Great theme, great shots, great modes, awesome toys. TZ and TAF ushered in the last gasp for Williams and Bally. And what a last gasp it was... the greatest era ever in pinball (1993-1998).
3 years ago
Addams Family is truly the Beatles of pinball. Like popular music, sure pinball existed before Addams Family, but it would never be the same after Addams Family. And has it ever really been topped in the 27 years since its release? Debatable. Sure, we now have flashier lights and video screens, but does any game really exude the charm or character of TAF? It's certainly hard to find one that does. From the playfield layout, to the modes, to the music, this game is just the best.
3 years ago
Deadpool LE along with Munsters LE are two of the best Sterns that I've had the pleasure of playing in a long time. This is the rare case where I couldn't care less about the theme and yet enjoyed the game immensely. It's great to see Gomez design a game after taking a long break from doing so. The shots are varied and this is nothing like your typical Stern. Playfield is packed with ramps and loops, but doesn't feel claustrophobic. I like how you do battles as it makes the game and how to play it very approachable. The game looks great, but is extremely red, which fits the theme, I suppose.
3 years ago
Munsters LE along with Deadpool LE are two of the best Sterns that I've had the pleasure of playing in a long time. The game is your typical Borg design with two ramps that feed right to the flippers, but somehow the other great features make you forget that feeling that you've already played this game with other Stern pins. The modes are fun, collecting the characters like Monster Bash. Grandpa's basement is the best mini playfield I've ever played.

The game fits the theme perfectly. Playfield, cabinet, music all bring it together to make you feel like you're part of the Munsters family. Can't wait for the black and white premium.
3 years ago
Beatles goes clearly into the "What were they thinking?" category of pins. Theme is all this game has going for it. And they didn't even do a very good job at that by selecting the least interesting of the Beatles eras as "mop tops". As a huge Beatles fan, this is not the "go to" era for me when I want to listen to the music. Strangely enough, Taxman off of the album Revolver IS in this game. And while that's a great song, Stern even messed that one up because it would belong in what would be a much better '66-'67 Beatles-themed pin.

And this isn't even getting into the play. Sure, it shoots "fine", I suppose. I would hope so. The layout is nearly identical to a game that's already been made, classic Stern Seawitch. I've heard people say that Stern wanted to do a retro game for a retro band. Well, Seawitch came out in 1980. So, perhaps Stern should have done a Beatles pin based on the McCartney II album that came out that year or Double Fantasy from John Lennon. Having a game playing "Temporary Secretary" would have been much more interesting and inspired than this turd. Again, what were they thinking? The "modes" get old quickly and there just really isn't anything to do. Stern made one of their greatest games with one of my other favorite bands, AC/DC, but they must've gotten so excited that they landed the Beatles license that they got drunk and partied and forgot that they actually needed to make a game. Or perhaps they just figured that Beatles fans would buy any piece of Beatles "memorabilia" decked out with their favorite lads. After all, somebody once bought a can of vintage Beatles hair spray for 3K.

Anyway, what a colossal disappointment. I won't even talk about price. That would just be piling on.