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5 years ago
So this game got a bad rap when it came out. I played it and liked it a lot in spite of lax code. I was able to trade for one about a month ago, and it came new with code 1.0. I have to say I think people wrote this game off too quickly. The playfield is not crowded, everything is visible, accessible, and some shots are tricky.

I love the artwork on this game, same guy that did Batman 66 which is probably the sexiest game out there.

With the new code going on I don't see how this game isn't in the top 20. And I am certain it's because people went around bashing the game before the code reached any potential.

This is probably one of the most fun games I have ever played. Do not hesitate to play this game.
5 years ago
This was the first pinball I ever bought. I've been doing arcade games for 17 years but pinballs were always out of my price range and since I never got to play them I wasn't the best at them. When it came time to buy my first pinball I didn't just want to buy the first thing I could find on CL or here just because I could. So I researched and played several.

This one and Dr. Dude were the ones I thought about most in my price range. And after seeing all the neat stuff on the playfield I thought I'd take a chance. I LOVE this pinball. I've played the $5000-$10000 pinballs and wasn't really into the ones where the playfield is obscured by all the stuff on there, this one has a great playfield, and great toys and ramps that don't really block your view of what you're doing.

I can't believe how fun this machine is. It took me 2-3 months to beat the previous owners high score which I think is a plus because it's kind of hard to get crazy points on this machine. Once you get a few things going like EAT DRINK and things points rack up quick. I LOVE this machine.

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