So Why Pinball

By Urby

October 01, 2019

19 days ago

So I grew up in the early 70's (born 1967) on the NW side of Chicago near Harlem and Higgins. In about 7th-8th grade we discovered Just Games at Harlem and Foster mall which was only about a 10 minute walk from school. Back then we had 1 hour off campus lunch. My buddy Steve's parents had went through a recent divorce so he was always flush with Dad's cash. Long story short he led us like the pied piper to JG and Walgreens every day for waxies and games every day. 

Another friend who didn't go to the same school saved up all his paper route and grass cutting money and ordered a brand new Captain Fantastic home version delivered from Sears Roebuck,  go figure. 

Many hours in the creepy basement next to the furnace besting for high scores got me hooked. The colors and sounds I'll carry for a lifetime. 

Throughout my life I've had at least 10 different pins. Not a dealer just an old guy relieving my youth.

Anyhow, now I'm almost 53. I love to carry at least one late 70s early 80s machines in my house. They make for very cool eclectic furniture and sometimes after a few cocktails they just bring you back!

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