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5 years ago
Picked up as a project, and love the space theme and fact that it was a historical event. The playfield is packed with cool features for an EM, swinging target, kickouts, spinner and horseshoe.
6 years ago
Fun bowling theme, art is decent on back glass. I like the plastics and mine has purple caps which I think look cool. Rolling over the 10 pins and hitting the eject hole is fun to hold bonus. My 2nd pin I ever owned
6 years ago
I am a huge Ghostbusters fan and lost my mind when I heard this was coming out. I have played it many times while on business trips, but there isn't one close by to play which is a good thing because I would drop a ton of money into it. Love the colour and lighting. Game is super hard, but you don't feel burned when you lose a ball and want to play more.
6 years ago
I like this game, not sure why it ranks so low. The theme isn't for me as a non-hunter, but that doesn't mean as a pin it isn't fun to play. Cool plastic deer to shoot the ball at, multi ball is fast and furious. I would gladly add this to the collection.
6 years ago
What a fun game! Great ramps and toys. Coin toss for skill shot, soccer ball spinner, shots on the goalie. Would have thought this theme was so-so, but it is just tons of fun. Would love to have this in the collection!
6 years ago
Fun game, great action on the playfield and the shaker is fun. I could play this game all day.
6 years ago
I love the theme of the game and playfield art work. A lot going on, with the toys and sound, but I didn't find myself loving the game despite its high rating. Perhaps it grows on you, but I was only able to get 2 games in. The rule set reads to be deep, and multi variations seem cool.
6 years ago
A fun bowling themed EM. Good challenge to hit down all the pin drop targets up the middle of the playfield and use the upper flippers to keep the ball up there. No problems with this game in the collection if found for a reasonable price.
6 years ago
Not one of my favorite EM's. The drop targets right across the middle of the playfield seem obtrusive. Theme is fine and game is typical of this era. For a quarter a play I wouldn't pass it up.
7 years ago
Got to play this in Niagara Falls Ontario, and it was in great shape. I love Indiana Jones, so this hits home for me. Cool theme and toys on playfield to hit. Sound was perhaps a bit repetitive, but enjoyable. Really like this game!
7 years ago
I own this game German version with no sound. No sound really takes away from it but I guess there was a reason for it. Considering the age, the gates that get triggered to open are really cool. It can play fast especially when coming off the mushroom bumpers. Quite the theme to this game, Campus Queen.
7 years ago
Great toys and features such as the gum ball main, clock and magnets on the mini playfield to shoot the eye. I pkayed it about 20 times. The game I played had no shoot again feature and the ball often drained right off from the launch which was annoying. May have enjoyed it more or perhaps this by design. I felt a little slow as well. The skill shot from ball launch was cool as well. Everything you got it into the gum ball machine or fight the eye with the magnets you felt like to accomplished something. Cool game.
7 years ago
My first pin. I really like the theme, cool space theme, perhaps a bit too much pink colouring for my liking. I enjoy the 4 flippers and the game play can really pick up. A real challenge to get all the drop targets down, I have yet to accomplish this feat. Will keep forever I suspect.
7 years ago
Found it challenging, I wasn't super engaged when playing it. I'm not a Walking Dead fan, but I have watched it enough to get the story here. I can take it or leave it.
7 years ago
I didn't enjoy the game the first 5 times I played it, but then more and more it grew on me as I learned the rule set. I really enjoyed playing it. The thing I hated was the music, omg over and over, shut it off! Sound quality and sound effects are fine, the music just became so repetitive.
7 years ago
Wasn't a fan, maybe I need to give it more time. I am unsure why it ranks so high.
7 years ago
I like Stars Wars so I may be biased towards this game. Shooting the tie fighter at launch and the stromtroopers during play are all cool additions. Amazing, would love to own.
7 years ago
The game has fun skill shots and a cool theme. My kids love Peter Pan so they were into it too and it was easy for them to understand rule set. Would love to add this game to my collection some day.

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